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May 3, 2018
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May 3, 2018
    1. Valandil
      Hello Ancalagon,

      I'm sorry - it looks like you caught me at just about the start of my longest absence ever! Yes - I used to still stop in daily, if only briefly. I've gone down to once every several days - but didn't realize until now that it had been nearly a month since I was last on. It was a pretty full month, with various obligations and about a week-long trip over Thanksgiving.

      I rarely post here anymore. I post a little more at some other Tolkien forums. But I have some friends here, so I like to stop by now and then to see what's going on.

      Thanks for the note. I'll try to come back a little sooner - and maybe more often. At least for awhile now. :)

      Take care,

    2. Ancalagon
      lol, I was just jesting cause we were both looking at 'who's online' at the same time:) Not too many about these days, including me, but I guess that can change. Nice to see you again anyway;)
    3. Elfarmari
      I haven't been around much (or at all) lately, and am curious to see who's still about. . . I'm re-reading my Tolkien collection and hope to be a bit more active.
    4. Aldanil
      welcome all from days of olde, ye tolkienistas of lore and yore;
      I am not alas so much returned to our long-beloved Forum
      as wraith-like whispering past company so kindly proffered
      in search instead of that faux fierce rant and rebuff what I flung
      at yon Dragon in time gone by, when aragil slew me like a samurai

      the moon has silvered from full to new to full the shimmering waters of
      Henneth Annun for time almost as long as the Eldar count {144/1, eh?}
      since last I looked in; but Guillermo Del Toro directing The Hobbit?
    5. Gothmog
      Greetings :)

      Nice to see you back. I haven't been on much for the last year myself, family problems.
    6. Ancalagon
      I'm surviving, still working away.
    7. Walter
      I'm doing fine, the whole coffee thing is keeping my pretty busy, of late...
      How are you doing?
    8. Ancalagon
      Indeed, you seem to be here fairly regularly though. How are doing, I trust you are fit and well?
    9. Walter
      Funny how time and again some of the old farts show up again at TTF ;)
    10. Ancalagon
      Hi, always peeking in and always about:D
    11. chrysophalax
      Are you back, brother Dragon, or just peeking in? Either way, "Hi!"
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