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    1. Turgon
      Hey Chrys - just popped on to say thanks for the Chrissy Card. Hopefully if I read your handwriting correctly you will be getting one back...:D

      Have a good 'un!
    2. Ghorim
      *nudges Chrys toward the keyboard* Everything all right?
    3. windchimes
    4. windchimes
      I think you will make a great Reiki healer. We have a Reiki group that meets regularly at the Duncan Center where I work.

      It has been in the 90's here in BR (Boca Raton a city directly east of FM) with the humidity pushing the heat index over a 100. I took the opportunity to house site a small mansion with a swimming pool--much nicer than my humble abode. Except for work which is slow in the summer, l locked myself in the mansion with their long haired cat, swam, ate simple foods with red wine, and slept for the month of July. It was a great vacation and I was payed for it.
    5. Elorendil
      Grade horses can be every bit as great as some of the registered ones. :) The breeding for my mare was my high school graduation present from my former mentor, who owned Iron Maker's colt. Otherwise, I'd never be able to afford something that nice!
    6. windchimes
      What have you been doing at TTF or elsewhere to keep yourself busy? Have you been to your paranormal conference yet? It has been raining cats and dogs here in Florida in May and June. I think D.C. has been worried about being flooded from melting ice caps. We have new energy regulations passed. You can check out my entry in Yavanna's faithful. Love to hear from you.
    7. windchimes
      First death in the U.S. from swine flue complications. See my new entry in Yavanna's Faithful.
    8. Illuin
      I actually don't think I would mind European cities because I would get so lost in the history. But then again, I would probably have to get out of there within a week and hit the countryside before I went insane. Arecibo Observatory was really cool. The Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico is actually a more advanced and effective tool for radio astronomy, but it was cool to see the biggest of the big. There is actually some great footage of it in Goldeneye (James Bond) that is better than anything you'll get on a science channel or website. As far as UFO's; have you ever seen 'Fire In The Sky'? Creepy!
    9. windchimes
      Happy Birthday to You. And Many More.
    10. windchimes
      I have a new avatar. Just thought I would say hi.
    11. Voronwen
      Hi and thank you for the warm welcome! :)
    12. YayGollum
      Am I back? I just saw some questions that needed answering.
    13. Elbereth
      Thank you for the congrats. Our wedding is going to be in Cancun. My fiancee and I have been to Cancun twice already and loved it so much that we want to get married there. We can't wait!!
    14. Mirelena
      CHRYS! <random attack hug>
    15. Chymaera
      Hi thanks for the messages. Having trouble posting don't know why
    16. windchimes
      would Chrisophalax the dragon really eat villagers? Aisteru brought this up in thinking heads?
    17. Illuin
      Not in person, but it was all over the local stations. Long Island looks small on the map, but it is about 125 miles long. I am about 75 miles east of the Hudson. Amazing no one died. Someone was looking out for them.
    18. Tyelkormo
      I actually was in Denmark in early November, on a business trip. Didn't see much more than the highway up to Horsens, a nice hotel, and the highway back, though ;)
    19. Firawyn
      Thanks m'dear! I have survived thus far...but it's not over yet. Done with the "family" aspect of things though, so that's good.

      We may need to schedule an "MSN" time, cause we need to talk about Jamie...among other things. :)
    20. Ghorim
      Short's fine, actually. Posted a short one myself. We'll just work our way through it one piece at a time.
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    If Iluvatar didn't want us to eat villagers, why did He make them out of meat?

    I reject your reality and substitute my own!