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Nov 13, 2017
Dec 17, 2001
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Jan 9, 1985 (Age: 33)
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Moving on the whim of the military
mommy, writer, Marine wife

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All Knowing Magic Cat, 33, from Moving on the whim of the military

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Nov 13, 2017
    1. Daniel Thomas
    2. Ancalagon
      So, where would you be these days?
      1. HLGStrider
        Southern California currently. We move around a bit. I've started writing professionally, have two daughters in charter school, and tend to be crazy busy. I wish I had more time for forum chatting, but things are nuts for me with family/career.
        Oct 26, 2017
    3. Prince of Cats
      Prince of Cats
      Heya Elgee - hope the move is going as easy as possible! In the meantime, I really liked what you wrote here about Tolkien and his wife and Beren and Luthein thetolkienforum.com/showthread.php?19305-Who-is-Tolkien-in-Middle-Earth&p=506454#post506454
    4. windchimes
      I noticed you were on line.
    5. HLGStrider
      We're doing great. Living overseas now, Japan, to be exact. Only been here a couple of weeks so we haven't had much of a chance to look around. We're here for three years, so we should be able to get around during that time.
    6. Hobbit-GalRosie
      Elgee! Always a treat to come to the forum and see you've been around. :) Hope you and baby Coryn and the Marine are still doing wonderfully. *reads previous message* Grandparents, so lucky, they get all the fun. :D
    7. HLGStrider
      Been visiting my family, hopping between Coryn's maternal and paternal grandparents and plowing through two feet of snow. Busy week.
    8. Prince of Cats
      Prince of Cats
      It's been a week since your last visit - very unbecoming, Elgee! :D Hope things are well
    9. Illuin
      I don't get it. There were three eggs; and I clicked the scroll to read something for two seconds; went back and the eggs were gone; and they haven't come back. :confused:
    10. Illuin
      Wow; speaking of World of Warcraft; Strider has wielded Anduril with a vengeance tonight. Hoping to strike some life into the forum I assume. Kudos to that :).
    11. Gilthoniel
      A belated thank you for your message.. Alas, I have never watched House. My ex was obsessed with it, which put me off it a bit. Nice quote though.
    12. HLGStrider
      At this point he doesn't look as if he will have to go back. He has less than a year before he his time is up, though we may be reenlisting. If he reenlists he thinks he can get stationed some place secure for it. Possibly Japan. Three years in Japan would be interesting. He's a good guy. I'll pass on your message.
    13. Illuin
      Hi D.A.
      Does he have return to the field? I hope not. All idealistic shallow politics aside; I am truly grateful for people like that who have made this place what it is. My Dad was also a Marine in rough times. He became a teacher (like myself…though he far outshined me personality wise), but I lost the happy-go-lucky guy in 1995 to melanoma (his passionate hobby was clamming; with no shirt or sunscreen….4-5 days a week after school). He was only 53. We were close; good guys those Marines are, even though they get a bad rap. Tell your hubby I said thank you very much ;).
    14. nodnarb
      haha thanks for the welcome
    15. HLGStrider
      The Marine is at the computer next to mine, so yep, he's home. Little girl is behind me eating the side of her baby seat. She's five months old and I already feel a little bit lost without her to talk to if I leave her with her dad to go shopping or something. Such a good baby girl.
      Anyway, it's good to see you around again. Hope you're doing as well as I am.
    16. Alcuin
      Baby? Baby! You have a baby! That’s awesome! Congratulations!

      It will crimp your style until you realize that “you” is no longer singular, it is plural. Prayer is a wonderful way to walk through life, and very important when little ones join you.

      Hope all is well, and that your Marine is home. – Alcuin
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    Jan 9, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Home Page:
    Moving on the whim of the military
    mommy, writer, Marine wife
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