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Feb 8, 1987 (Age: 32)
Nova Scotia
perpetual student???


Lady Writer, 32, from Nova Scotia

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Jan 26, 2011
    1. Kementari
      Saw Indy last night with Cori. Reminded me a lil of you because it talks about Roswell NM and theres scenes in the Nevada desert. It was pretty good. Coulda been better perhaps

      Atronomy is cool! too much math fer me tho. NMs a good place for that right? All those observatories

      And of course i liked your pic! But god you look old :p :D
    2. Ciryaher
      Yeah, I'm planning on going to UNM in fall of '09 to study astronomy. It's good that you got some scholarships, though. Those are handy to have.

      I hope to see Indy when I go back to the US next month, hopefully it'll still be in theaters.

      Glad you like the pic.
    3. Kementari


      Ok so i recently found out im eligible for a bunch of scholarships on account of my grades (which have been with-held from me) and i hopefully i WONT have to take the year off (huge relief)

      *thinks* Are you planning on going back to school?

      Again hope youve been doin relatively well.

      Oh! Indiana Jones is out. Cant wait to see it!

      P.S. - Nice pic. Youve got the lovliest eyes ever, tho the rest of you looks different
    4. Ciryaher
      No worries, water under the bridge.
    5. Kementari
      Lol. Figured. I was in a hurry when i read that. Last i heard your dad was married to a doctor (Becky) and your mom was married to someone in... Arizona?. I stick by my theory tho

      Sabrina is in college. Wow. Everyones so old now. Im actually taking next year off college (cause of student loan issues---MY parents!!) and after i get my degree Im gonna teach English in Asia for a little while, i think (was talkin to Indonesian co-worker today). I still have that desire to travel left over i guess

      Your family could be worse....TRUST me. And of course your devastatingly loveable, so i wouldnt worry
    6. Ciryaher
      Ack, no, I didn't mean that they got remarried to eachother. I meant that they each got remarried to someone else. Mom got married to a guy named Mike, and dad to a lady named Becky.
    7. Kementari
      WHAT?! OMG your parents, wtf????...well, somehow that fits. they wouldnt have been with so many diff people if they were happy apart!
    8. Ciryaher
      It was misdiagnosed for a long time, but there's really nothing they could have done to prevent it *shrug* I'll be fine, though.

      Yeah, my family can be chumps sometimes. Don't know if you know about mom and dad getting remarried or not, though. Sabrina is going to go to college in Indiana.
    9. Kementari
      *tears---seriously* God J*** thats horrible! (yeah this is a wierd system) How'd it get worse so fast? You used to be ok... I dunno what to say

      Testin your family *lil grin*
    10. Ciryaher
      This is such a weird system to talk through, lol. My brain, yes. I have worse memory problems, a little trouble speaking sometimes, convulsions (not serious), and stuff like that, not to mention feeling tired and in pain all the time.

      Anyhow, yeah, i get to show off my legs, I guess. Mark is traveling around the continent doing contract work, so I was glad to get him to agree to come. I'm also trying to get Chris as a groomsman, along with a friend from the Army.

      We're getting married in VA, though (actually my choice). Any way you cut it, one of my families would have to travel, and it seems best to give her folks the easiest time of it. I kinda want to see how out of their ways my family is willing to go for me anyhow. It will be a Christian ceremony, though I've already requested the pastor downplay the mention of "Jesus" and just replace it with "the Lord" or "God" etc.

      If you wanted to switch servers, that's up to you. I have three characters at level 20 on Landroval, plus my R1 Warg.
    11. Kementari
      Ah!!! *frowns* that sucks! Your brain---? *bites lip* Poor guy

      Oohh but you get to show off your legs at your wedding! You'll look awesome. Marks a good choice: he was my fav. Cori's similar to him (swords, guns, games, animals, chub, demeanor).

      Where are you getting married? I think Liz said Virginia. Still the plan? I guess that would be difficult esp for your moms family. My cousins getting married this summer (hopefully i can get to NF for it) and hes actually having two ceremonies, one for her family and a little one for his. Are you having a Christian ceremony? Probably. I dont know much about muslim weddings...

      Perhaps we could switch servers *shrugs* its his compy
    12. Ciryaher
      Yes, I play, on the Landroval server.

      Yes and no on the knees, though. It spread throughout my entire body and my brain, and I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sucks because there's no cure, but it could be worse, I figure.

      Thank you for your congrats, though, I'm really looking forward to it. I ordered a full Welsh outfit (with kilt) in my family's tartan from Scotland, and I'm trying to drag my family across the country to be at my wedding. Mark is going to be my Best Man, btw.
    13. Kementari
      *stares in awe*!!!!!! Yeshie!!!

      Your knees? Congrats on you and Liz. :) I dont think i ever got a chance to say that. I'm so glad yor finally going back to the states

      Im out of school for the summer (doing engl/creative writing now). Workin all the time. Me and my boyfriend (here in Hfx) are dabbling in LOTR online, do you play?
    14. Ciryaher
      I'm doing alright. Getting out of the army in a month because of illness, but getting married in July. All in all, I'm doing well. What are you up to lately?
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    Feb 8, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Nova Scotia
    perpetual student???
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