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    The _Morlindale"_, an account of various events
    throughout the First/Second/Third Ages of Arda
    from the perspectives of Melkor, Sauron, the
    "Witch-King", and Pallando the Blue, is now
    available with revised/expanded annotations at:


    This .pdf requires Adobe Acrobat Reader v.5 or later
    to open. This program is a free download from:


    I hope readers will find the _Morlindale"_ an
    interesting contrast to accounts in the _Silmarillion_
    and _Lord of the Rings_.

    Michael Aquino
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    _Morlindale"_ .pdf Enhancements

    As of Sunday afternoon 10/26/03, the .pdf of the _Morlindale"_
    downloadable at:


    has been enhanced with "bookmarks" and "article-frames"
    for on-screen convenience. If you have downloaded an
    earlier version, I recommend that you discard it and
    re-download this one.

    Michael Aquino

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