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Discussion in '"The Lord of the Rings"' started by flame, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. flame

    flame Current Silent Hill Fan

    is there a rank for a wizard that is black , like gandalf the gery, like that.
  2. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    no. There were only five istari on middle earth:

    White: Sarumen/Gandalf
    Grey: Gandalf
    Brown: Radagst
    Blue: Pollando and alatar.
  3. flame

    flame Current Silent Hill Fan

    thaks you.
  4. Maeglin

    Maeglin Registered User

    Well I guess you could call Sauron "The Black", but he was never called that, so it doesn't matter.
  5. Lantarion

    Lantarion no house

    The colourizations that occur in Tolkien's world are meant only to rank the Istari in order of power and aura. As the colour black is almost always a colour of 'evil' or terror or the like, I don't think any Istar would use that pseudonym, as they were all good guys (except Saruman, but he was good before he flipped out). :)
  6. Walter

    Walter Flamekeeper

    It is correct that (originally) Saruman was the white, Gandalf the grey and Radagast the brown wizard. However I would like to mention that Tolkien AFAIK did not make a final decision about the names of the "Blue Wizards" (Alatar and Pallando or Morinehtar and Rómestámo [or Róme(n)star] were only names Christopher found on some rapid jottings (partly illegible) of his father). (c.f. What are the names of the Blue Wizards?)

    And the names of the "Black Wizards" - if there were any - could be Jake and Elwood... (or should that say "Black Blues Wizards"?) ;)
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  7. flame

    flame Current Silent Hill Fan

    why is there five wizaerd if two dont have names. :confused:
  8. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    because 2 of them were hardly ever mentioned.

    Sauron coulve been called the black wizard if he was one of the five. He was just a maia. If he was not an istari, he was not a wizard/
  9. Glomund

    Glomund Registered User

    Gandalf himself ranks (sort of) the colors. After he comes back and meets Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas he says, "I am Gandalf, Gandalf the White, but black is mightier still.
  10. Beruthiel

    Beruthiel Registered User

    No, he was talking about its ability to resist stains. Tee hee...
  11. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    Just posting in appriciation of the Jake and Elwood joke...

    "We're on a mission... from Illuvatar."
  12. Maeglin

    Maeglin Registered User

    Well actually there were more than 5 of them total: From Unfinished Tales: The Istari
    That is referring to the entire Heren Istarion (order of wizards). But anyway, I doubt that any of the unknown ones had the color black, who knows if they were even ranked by color.
  13. Walter

    Walter Flamekeeper

    I didn't say there were only 5 anywhere in my post, now did I? ;)

    But when you've read the chapter about the Istari in UT you know almost everything there is to know about them, there are only a few pieces of information left out, most of which is covered in HoMe12, a small chapter named "The Five Wizards" where Christopher provides us with some additional information about them.

    Oh and, the part of the black wizards was a joke as some may have noticed (and which has it's roots in another thread about the Istari)...

    ...well, unless I overlooked something, where Tolkien actually mentioned Jake and Elwood... ;)
  14. Maeglin

    Maeglin Registered User

    ha ha no I don't think Tolkien ever mentioned them, I read that joke in the other thread too. Oooh ooh I have an idea! make an RPG with Jake and Elwood as Istari!:D
  15. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    That's an RP I'd like to join... Can I be the girl friend with the Machine gun? I'm almost as short as Carrie Fischer and I know all of her lines from Star Wars!
  16. mr underhill

    mr underhill My Birthday 3rd of Dec

    lol at the blues wizards..

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