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Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by brenton8090, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. brenton8090

    brenton8090 Guest

    I thought it was cool how when they were walking through the forest, you can see three stone trolls that just look like rocks at first. In the book they stop and talk about them, but it's nice to know they are not completely ct out. Plus when Gandalf mentions "Riddles in the Dark", I nearly laughed out loud. Plus, is it true you can watch the scene with Tom Bombadil on the DVD? Anyone else notice anything cool?

    ILLOTRTM Aspiring Writer

    I'm almost positive that it's false about having a scene with Tom Bobadil on the DVD. I also apreciated that they made space for the trolls. Cheers! I found the scene with the Dragon fireworks spectacular! Wonderful special effects!
  3. ReadWryt

    ReadWryt Guest

    Nobody was cast as Bombadil, there was no Bombadil footage shot...Bombadil is a nice character but not imperative to the success of the Fellowship as say Gollum is. There will only be about 40 minutes added to the DVD, and at least 15 of that will be Galadriel giving the Fellowship their gifts...leaving less then enough time to even handle Old Man Willow and the trip to Tom's...
  4. Dûndorer

    Dûndorer Registered User

    true, but it would be nice to see old tom in there.
  5. WarriorMay

    WarriorMay Tárakaliel of Mirkwood

    It's really too bad they didn't have him in the movie. I was kind of looking forward to seeing it. I'm not quite sure if it was one of those sences where it really didn't matter if they had it in the movie or not.
  6. Narya

    Narya Daughter of Fornax

    Tom Bombadil

    Would have taken away the evil feeling of the film which Peter Jackson was trying to preserve. He (PJ) wanted to make LOTR:FOTR a mature movie where you can feel the real danger of the Dark Lord. If Tom Bombadil was there, no offense but that would make it a bit more well, FUN. I like Tom Bombadil and his place, I consider a haven for the Hobbits.

    Plus I wonder who will play Goldberry??? Uma Thurman would be nice...
  7. Talimon

    Talimon Registered User

    Uma Thurman?!?!?! What has the world come to...

    Seriously though, Tom Bombadil isn't a strictly fun charachter. He's really deep and acient. I look at him more as someone whose seen so much that he can laugh at it all. Lighthearted, but deep in those eyes there is pain and sorrow. I personally think that Bombadil should have been included, but the Barrow's left out. They could probably handle Bombadil with 10-15 minutes at most.
  8. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    Actually, I was hoping that PJ was going to stick the Barrow Downs in there, regardless of Bombadil being cut...With all the fabricating he is doing, he could have found a way for the hobbits to escape without Bombadil...It would have really created a spooky feeling and that would have explained the hobbit swords rather than having Aragorn cart the perfect amount of swords around with him and plopping them on Weathertop....
  9. Barrow Wights

    Bombadil out, Barrow wights in. No question. One of the scariest parts of the book ... a real shame it couldnt have been included somehow.
  10. Talimon

    Talimon Registered User

    It doesn't help advance the plot much, though. Other then swords not much amounts from it. That isn't to say it doesn't have merits on it's own, but in such short a time frame you have to make priorities.
  11. Pippin/Frodo

    Pippin/Frodo Eowyn Girl

    Anyone notice the car in the scene where Frodo and Sam are leavng the Shire?
    One goes by in the background.
    I just hope they put some of the really good songs in the movies to come.
    Like Sam's song that finds Frodo. I LOVE THAT!
  12. Lily from Bree

    Lily from Bree Adventuresome Hobbit

    Pippin/Frodo, do you mean the song, "In Western Lands Beneath the Sun"? If so, I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! I've memorized it and made a tune for it, and I go around singing it all the time, e.g., in the shower, doing homework, at recess, outside doing yardwork, everywhere.
  13. Pippin/Frodo

    Pippin/Frodo Eowyn Girl

  14. Darth Saruman

    Darth Saruman Registered User

    I didn't see a car. Just a lot of moving dust. To me, it could have just as easily been a pony drawn cart.
  15. Pippin/Frodo

    Pippin/Frodo Eowyn Girl

    Good point.
    I'm so excited about the dvd coming out!
  16. Melian Le Fay

    Melian Le Fay Lover of night

    So, has any of you guys seen the DVD edition...?
    I actually have it, but I still haven't seen it... What can I tell you, they are still showing it in cinemas in my country...:)
    If anyone HAS seen the DVD edition, please, please, please, describe the aditional scenes!!!
  17. ReadWryt

    ReadWryt Guest

    Wait...let's reduce the confusion here. I have seen the "DVD edition". I have seen the Widescreen Release of the "DVD edition". It was exactly like the movie...when anybody asks about different editions of the movie in the future it would be helpfull to realize that there is going to be a Special Edition and the Regular Movie...both on DVD, so saying the DVD edition means nothing really unless you clarify...
  18. Melian Le Fay

    Melian Le Fay Lover of night

    What can I tell you...You Americans seem to have wide range of choices...:) I don't know which edition I've got, my friend bought it somewhere in Europe, and then he copied it for me... I was told this edition has 17 min aditional footage...Hmmm....

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