Do elves have facial hair?

Discussion in 'Bag End' started by Anamatar IV, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    in the return of the knig the grey havens it said that cirdan had a long gray beard. Do any other elves have facial hair?
  2. Diamond Took

    Diamond Took Hobbit of the shire

    interesting question. I am afraid I do not know the answer but i'll stick around here until some tolkien-wizz enters.;) :D
  3. fersganjh

    fersganjh Registered User

    I don't think Cirdan was an Elf... Elves don't age, yet it says he looked old...
  4. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    cirdan was most definetly an elf. He was given one of the original 3 rings but gave it to gandalf. Maybe the sea air did something for his skin. ;)
  5. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Quality, not Quantity!

    I wonder then if those Elves who do not have facial hair, were bereft of pubic hair also?
  6. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    how do you know that they didnt have facial hair though? All elves care about are their thick and long hair
  7. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade BladeSinger

    I am pretty sure that LotR elvish lore is the same as others but you may quote me if I am wrong, but elves do not have facial hair...other body hair I don't know about, and would prefer to keep it that way. But as far as I know, elves are not able to grow facial hair. Half-elves are a different story.
  8. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    how about cirdan though? He was the original ring bearer and he has a long beard. did tolkien ever say elves never had facial hair? I can just imagine legolas shooting down orcs with a white goatee.
  9. Chymaera

    Chymaera Doorwarden

    I think that Cirdan was the only elf that was describes as having a beard, maybe he didn't like to shave. It could be one of those Wrightist fetishes, and for him being old you have to take into concideration that he is over 15,000 years old, well the last time I saw him he was.;)
    One of the oldest elves not to see the two trees.
  10. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    okay-my school library didnt have the sil today so i do not know what that means. I would think that 500 years is enough time to grow SOMETHING!
  11. fersganjh

    fersganjh Registered User

    wait... where does it say/or how do you know for sure that Círdan was one of the original three Ring-Bearers?
  12. LadyGaladriel

    LadyGaladriel Lady Of The Golden Wood

    Cirdin gave his ring to Gandalf.
    I think is says it in rotk appendices but I could be wrong
  13. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    thats where it is. Its also in the silmarillion.
  14. Cian

    Cian sylvan madman

    Círdan was an Elf. Although it may have been a general characteristic of Elves to be beardless there is a note by Tolkien published in Vinyar Tengwar that states Elves who had beards were usually in their Third Cycle of life (though Mahtan apparently had one earlier than usual).
  15. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    okay. Hmm. Now tell me. What exactly is a cycle of life?
  16. Cian

    Cian sylvan madman

    I dunno that exactly :)
  17. Bombadillo

    Bombadillo Skipping right along

    I personally think (but i don't know for sure) that a life circle is completed when an elf returns from valinor back in the world, but i've never heard of an elf who was sent back more then once.....

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