Do u think Orlando did well as legolas

Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by ms Greenleaf, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. ms Greenleaf

    ms Greenleaf Fairstar Calaquendi

    I really liked Orlandos performance so vote and tell me what u thought of it
  2. Lady Legolas

    Lady Legolas Mirkwood Princess

    Yes I thought OB did good as Legolas.Legolas was always one of my favorite characters in LOTR.
  3. Colette

    Colette Guest

    i thought he did a really great job as legolas! he was just how i pictured legolas looking and sounding in the book!
  4. Aeglos_Ohtar

    Aeglos_Ohtar Registered User

    I thought Orlando did a great job in the movie. He is such a tallented actor, not to menchen cute,:D
  5. Grond

    Grond Melkor's Mallet

    Orlando did a good job in FotR. His real challenge will come in TT because it is in this movie that more of his acting skills will be put to use. I was not impressed with several interviews where he stated that he thought of Legolas as kind of an Elf Ninja. Elf Ninja just doesn't quite fit my idea of Legolas.
  6. Nefmariel

    Nefmariel Anime Rocks!

    he did great! here is an interesting fact: when he autitioned for the part he wasn't even out of drama school! just thought that was interesting. Orlando Bloom did a great job (and he is cute in real life and as Legolas:D )!
  7. Kiroshar

    Kiroshar Registered User

    Orlando Bloom played the part quite well. He has an elvish look to him.

    I believe the films have been, with a few exeptions, casted well.
  8. ms Greenleaf

    ms Greenleaf Fairstar Calaquendi

    Yah some of the people although they are good actors do not look right for xple Elrond
  9. Kiroshar

    Kiroshar Registered User

    I have come to terms with Mr. Weaving as Elrond.

    I didn't picture Elrond quite that way, but he works for me.
  10. xime i love OB

    xime i love OB *legolas property*

  11. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    So have I, just in time for everything to get all messed up again when I see the Lord Of Rivendell trying to kill Keanu Reeves. ;)
  12. Gil-Galad

    Gil-Galad in love

  13. lightingstrike

    lightingstrike Registered User

    I really enjoyed the humor and sincerity that OB brought to the character of Legolas. He and John Rhys-Davis did a great job as bringing the akward friendship of a drwarf and an Elf to reality
  14. JoS Metadi

    JoS Metadi Registered User

    I'm getting there, but I still keep hearing "welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson".

    It's really not the actors fault, because he did a fine job of playing the role. It's just that he had such an impactful role in the Matrix that I still have difficulty seeing and especially hearing him as other than Agent Smith.

  15. siptfire7

    siptfire7 Registered User

    I thought the did a great job.
  16. ???

    ??? Registered User

    He did great! Did you know that when he tried out for the movie he wanted to play as Faramir?:confused:
  17. 33Peregrin

    33Peregrin hmmm

    Yeah! That's what I heard too. I'm just glad casting saw past his dark hair and saw a long blonde elf. I think he's a great Legolas.
  18. lightingstrike

    lightingstrike Registered User

    I really liked OB's preformance[sp] in LoTR. His face was what really brought the character to life. All of his expressions were really in mood with everything else that was going on in the movie.
  19. elfgirl

    elfgirl Elfyevai Avari

    Orlando did a teriffic job of portraying Legolas, and another interesting fact, just before he went into acting school, he was in a bad auto accident, and the doctors said that he would never walk again. 13 days later he WALKED out of the hospital. Isn't that cool? He's survived the battle of Helm';s Deep, AND an auto accident. :eek: He's so dead set on surviving,it's almost scary.
  20. ???

    ??? Registered User

    I think he is probally the only person that could play him. He also broke every bone in his body! Ouch!

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