Elen Sila Lumen Omentielvo

Discussion in 'The Hall of Fire' started by BluestEye, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. BluestEye

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    Someone knows how to write this wonderful Elvish blessing in Elvish writting? Where can I find it?

  2. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    It translates to "A star shines on the hour of our meeting".
  3. BluestEye

    BluestEye Registered User

    Yes, I know that...

    Thank you, but I want to know how to write it in Elvish writting.....

  4. Lantarion

    Lantarion no house

    Um.. Well it's incredibly difficult to explain how to write it if you can't write the Tengwar (which, to those who don't know, is a system of writing, and NOT a language *hint Ol'gaffer ;)*)..
    Get the book called "An Introduction to Elvish", or another similar book on the subject (Ruth Noel's "The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth" is great if you want to learn the tengwar, but it's very incorrect in many places in Quenya or Sindarin grammar and spelling), and learn to write it. :D
    Sorry I can't help.. Of course, I could write in on a piece of paper and scan it, but I'm hopeless with a scanner.. :rolleyes:
  5. BluestEye

    BluestEye Registered User

    Thanks, FoolOfATook

    Do you know if there is a book or a Site where "Elen Sila..." is written there?

  6. Rúmil

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    Here you go :)

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  7. BluestEye

    BluestEye Registered User

    Thank you very very much, Rumil!
    You don´t know how much this means to me!


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