Elf leader who dies in helms deep.....

Discussion in '"The Two Towers"' started by LordOfMoria, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. LordOfMoria

    LordOfMoria Balin Son of Fundin

    What was the elf leaders name who lead the elves to helm's deep?
  2. Sirion

    Sirion finding keepeth

    Wrong forum, you oughta ask in the movies section. No elves die at helm's deep.
  3. Galadhon

    Galadhon Registered User

    That would be Haldir, if you are referring to the movie.
  4. LordOfMoria

    LordOfMoria Balin Son of Fundin

    Sirion, what are you talking about. A hell of a lot of elves die at helms Deep!!!
  5. Sirion

    Sirion finding keepeth

    We talk about the book in this forum, not the movie.
  6. Maeglin

    Maeglin Registered User

    Exactly, I answered this same exact question a few weeks ago in this forum, but this forum is meant for the books only, not the movies.
  7. LordOfMoria

    LordOfMoria Balin Son of Fundin

    Oh god no! The world is ganna end since i ask a movie question in the book forum. If u dont want to answer it then dont man. dont have a freekin cow about it. Freakin ignore it then!!!
  8. Link

    Link Retired

    U don't need to get so defensive, we're simply giving directions.

    No elves died at Helm's Deep in the book, b/c there were never any elves that came there in the firstplace. In the movie, the elves came b/c Peter Jackson (the director) wanted to spice things up a bit. Haldir is the name of the leader who died, although he never died in the books. (And the books are always right), so, in actuality, no elves died during Helm's Deep.

    Again, we aren't accusing you of treason or anything, we're just giving directions to make the forum run easier..........
  9. Lantarion

    Lantarion no house

    Exactly. It isn't called the "Movie forum" for nothing, you know. :D Haha, but no harm done.
    And in case you have forgotten, Haldir was one of the captains of the patrols that, um, patrolled the borders of Lothlórien.
    I think the change in the movie was digestable, because the viewers (who haven't read the book) get a taste of history and unity between the Eldar and the Edain.
    But as you say, wrong forum for this discussion. :rolleyes:
  10. lightingstrike

    lightingstrike Registered User

    Just to say something, I am posting on 2/19/03 so this forum could have been moved. But, on the computer I am on right now, it is tellin' me that I am in New Line Cinama's "LOTR" trilogy and to me, that is the movie section!
  11. Jesse

    Jesse Christian Tolkineer

    Who was Haldir???

    Who is Haldir though? Was he an important figure in the Elvish Kingdom????
  12. NetherDemon

    NetherDemon Champion of Morgoth

    In the movie version, Haldir leads a troop of Elves from Lothlorien to help the men at Helms Deep. They all died apparently.

    Screw the book. You've had 50 years to go over it. It's movie time now.

    Get with the program JACK.

    (just kidding)
  13. Daniel

    Daniel Registered User

    Yep, Haldir, who we meet in Lothlorian in the movie version of Fellowship (I don't know if its in the books) is the one who is killed in the Two Towers movie.
  14. Aulë

    Aulë The Larrikin

    Haldir is a marchwarden of the Galadhrim of Lórien, who guarded its northern borders with his brothers Rúmil and Orophin. When the Fellowship arrived there after fleeing Moria, he became their guide and led them to Caras Galadhon.

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