Elrond leaves Imladris

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    Knight of Imladris, Lore Keeper, Healer, Herbalist
    Imladris (Rivendell), formerly Gondolin
    Elrond stood in robes of grey with Vilya glittering upon his hand. Hearing footsteps behind him her turned and smiled: "Ah Atreyu my young pupil!" The half-elf known as Atreyu smiled broadly. His violet eyes sparkled delightfully. "Lord Elrond, my teacher...the time of elves draws to an end...I can feel it." Elrond frowned: " Indeed...though there is still much to do. I recall the day you arrived here."

    Yes Atreyu remembered how long a journey it had been to find his home. The murder of his parents: and elf father and human mother forced him from his Homeland. For several years he traveled alone, living as a nomad until that night...the night SHE came to him in a vision...Luthien.

    Her voice still resounded within his mind even now: "Seek Star-Dome at Imladris...It is there you will find thyself and thy meaning...Seek The land of Imladris!"

    That morning Grey-Leaf as he was then known, made for Imladris or as it is commonly known Rivendell. There he met Elrond who gave him his name: Atreyu and taught him the ways of Elves. Their lore, magic, fighting skills, knowledge, ect. Soon Elrond had become as a father to Atreyu and the children of Elrond as siblings to Atreyu.