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  1. Tao

    Tao Shôgun

    Did you know...?

    Did you know that JRR Tolkien wrote a picture book (illustrations not by him) that I think was called 'Lettters from Christmas' that is about 40 pages...? I found that kind of weird, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Lillyaundra

    Lillyaundra the watcher of all things

    Yes! I agree:confused: I thought he was only a fantasy writer but when I checked it out of the Library, It made sence. he had a polar bear language and it was simply his type of writing. But it is not exactly like him to do a Picture book I agree. I think it may have been one of his first of last writings. That would make sence.:D ;) :) :p :D

    I love Smilies.:D ;) :) :D
  3. Eonwe

    Eonwe Upper Class Twit

    I was bought that book a while ago. Its neat, its his writings to Christopher and his other children around Christmas time, from Santa. Cool Dad to have -- a writer like Tolkien!
  4. Lillyaundra

    Lillyaundra the watcher of all things


    That makes sense. You are smart!! hehe

    :D ;)
  5. Hama

    Hama Scholar and Adventurer

    These are the Father Christmas Letters, right?
    I haven't even found a copy in a bookstore.
  6. Ramagna

    Ramagna ...Dreamwanderer...

    Letters of Father Cristmas

    Someone read them?
    I just got them for present, although I'm no christ I get presents for christmas, nice, isn't it?
    I just began with them, but I think they're just another good piece of literature from Tolkien, something best to read to your children...
  7. tom_bombadil

    tom_bombadil Blast from the Past

    Yes i have read them i found them very funny and an enjoyable read i got them for christmas
  8. 33Peregrin

    33Peregrin hmmm

    I just got them from the Library a few days ago. I read one or two and found them rather enjoyable. I decided they would be better to read around Christmas, so I will check them out again next December.:)
  9. Se-maj#617

    Se-maj#617 Registered User

    Has anyone read the christmas letters.

    Hey it's me Se-maj#617

    I was just wondering if anyone has read the Christmas letters. I noticed he never used Gnomes in his stories. But they were a big help to him in the Letters. And also in the letters Goblins were about as harmful as mice. But now they're big man eating monsters.
  10. YayGollum

    YayGollum Conscience of TTF

    I read them a while ago. Don't remember anything but the pictures now. My evil father ran away and took all of my evil mom lady's good LOTR books. :eek: oh well. There was some crazy stuff in there.
  11. Gothmog

    Gothmog Lord of Balrogs Staff Member

    Se-maj#617, Tolkien did indeed use "Gnomes" in his stories of Middle-earth, at least when he started writing them. If you read The Book of lost tales You will find in there that he first used that name for some of the Elves. Later the Gnomes became the Noldor.

    In the notes and commentry of the Book of Lost Tales I can be found the following
    Hope that helps.
  12. Aiwendil2

    Aiwendil2 Registered User

    Indeed, I think that the "Gnomes" in the Father Christmas Letters can be equated in some general way with the Gnomes=Noldor of the early versions of the mythology. Of course, that's not to say that these Gnomes are Noldor. But they're certainly intended to be Elvish rather than like Gnomes from D&D.
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  13. Se-maj#617

    Se-maj#617 Registered User


    Hey, O.K. i agree about the gnomes, but what about the goblins that i mentioned in my first post?
  14. Aiwendil2

    Aiwendil2 Registered User

    You're right, the goblins in the Father Christmas Letters do seem much weaker than those in the Legendarium. But did you have some question or concern about that? If not and you were just making an observation, then I certainly agree.
  15. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    The Father Christmas Letters were written for his children. . .big, man eating Goblins are not what most three year olds want to hear about on Christmas night. The little ones were more managable.

    Does anyone remember the Elf's name? I only got them once out of the library and I can't remember. It was a name used in the Trillogy or Sil, I think, but I can't remember for sure.

    They are a very seperate work for the LotRs.
  16. Lantarion

    Lantarion no house

    It was in fact Ilbereth! And in his 'spidery signature', you can actually discern that they are a very archaic form of the Tengwar! :cool:
  17. Eru

    Eru Registered User

    Letters to Father Christmas

    I was wondering if anyone else other that me has read "Letters to Father Christmas" by Tolkien? It shows an interesting insight to Tolkien as a man, and a father.
  18. omnipotent_elf

    omnipotent_elf Omnipotent....mmm....good

    Is Tolkien santa too? ( sorry, had to say that)
    yeah, it is interesting ;)
  19. Starbrow

    Starbrow Tolkien Fan

    I enjoy the Father Christmas letters too. I hope I have a chance to reread them during the holidays.
  20. Eledhwen

    Eledhwen Cumbrian

    I am enjoying a full-colour edition of Letters From Father Christmas right now (I've got kids - an excellent excuse to buy it). I love the drawings and the detail - right down to the North Pole Christmas stamps. I love the North Polar Bear, and Father Christmas' elaborate excuses for not always providing all the children ask for. Goblins have their uses!

    The Guild of Tolkienologists were talking about this book recently, and many of the Guild are from Eastern Europe where the book seems to be unavailable. If anyone knows if and where an e-version is available, please let me know.

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