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  1. Elias

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    Here some facts about the film (I found these from internet and I'm not sure that all of them are right)

    - "The Lord of the Rings" was the first time in film production history that three related movies were shot simultaneously.

    - The entire trilogy was shot in New Zealand.

    - Over 100 locations and over 350 sets were used

    - There were 274 days of shooting.

    - Over 10,000 costumes were created.

    - The cost of producing the trilogy was $300 million dollars

    - Stuart Townsend, originally cast as Aragorn, was fired because he was a wimp.

    - Viggo Mortensen was praised for totally immersing himself in the role of Aragorn. He fought so realistically with the orcs that he chipped a tooth during the filming of one fight. He asked if it could be superglued back on so he could finish the scene.

    - Viggo Mortensen was not a wimp.

    - During one day of shooting, Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fell off his horse and broke a rib.

    - Viggo refused to carry the lighter aluminum sword used by everyone else, choosing to carry the 5-times-heavier steel blade instead - even when it was only a scabbard - so it would look more natural.

    - Viggo made the WETA designers create sharpening stones he could carry in his belt pouches since Aragorn would've had them.

    - The skull and facial structure for Gimli was built on a totally new design since the special effects people wanted him to look like a different species.

    - Gimli's dress and props are Teutonic and Norse inspired, with sharp edges and more of an architectural feel; Legolas is more Celtic and whimsical - as are all the elves - with their building stressing their relationship with nature. This shows the cultural division between elves and dwarves.

    - At the Council or Elrond, Gimli's axe shatters when he attempts to destroy the Ring. Moments later, he takes the axe of another dwarf and uses it to offer his services to Frodo. Apparently he's not giving it back, as he says to the hobbit, "You have MY axe!"

    - After six months, John Rhys-Davies developed an allergy to the Gimli make-up, causing him to take many days off filming as his skin broke out in a rash and peeled off.

    - Gandalf carries 3 different staffs during the films: The first is kind of a sapling with a bulbous root head, with facets that allow it to hold Gandalf's pipe and tobacco pouch. Saruman takes it when he captures Gandalf. The second staff has a head of crystal that gives off light, perfect for guiding the company through the Mines of Moria. Gandalf loses it in the battle with the Balrog. Staff number three is more considered and finely crafted, with the rune for "G," Gandalf's sign, carved in it. He carries this as Gandalf the White for the remainder of the trilogy. Gandalf's swords go through similar changes since he loses a pair of them to Saruman and the Balrog.

    - Ian McKellen's favorite scene to film was when he (Gandalf) drove the cart to Bag End.

    - 1,800 pairs of hobbit feet were made for the film. Hobbits were designed to look like they could've lived in 14th, 15th or 16th century England - as opposed to Rohan, which seems to be set more around 900 A.D.

    - The Shire and the world of the hobbits were constructed to make it look like that they live in a world of their own apart from the rest of Middle-earth. Every prop, set, and costume in a scene with a hobbit had to have a double 1.38 times bigger so normal items would look the right size with the hobbits - including Saruman's home.

    - 48,000 props were used in the film.

    - Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo) came to New Zealand after the exterior Hobbiton set had been destroyed. Director Peter Jackson filmed Bilbo's scenes there beforehand, pretending Sir Ian was present so that after he arrived, the hobbit could perform his parts in front of a blue screen and be added later.

    Comments? :D
  2. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    Yeah.... With all that painstaking detail to make Middle Earth look authentic, PJ missed a big part that kind of made it all mute....making a better screenplay....

    As impressive as it is, and as much as I give Viggo credit, I really don't care if he wears sharpening stones like Aragorn when Jackson cuts Glorfindel, totally changes Arwen, takes away the thunder of Frodo, Elrond and Gandalf all in one scene while claiming to stay true to JRR's book. (Thrakerzog, don't read this if you can't handle the content.....;)

    Very sad for all the impressive, authentic, minute details that were taken with this movie...
  3. Ged

    Ged Retired

    Thanks for those interesting points. Please ignore Thorin's continual negativity.
    Personally I do think it matters that Viggo took the part so seriously. And it comes across well in his portryal of Aragorn in the film.
  4. PRH

    PRH Registered User

    Thorin, you should've put that Arwen/Glorfindel bit into your signature long ago. It'd save you some typing.

    Why can't you accept that a film can have many positive aspects to it admist glaring negatives?
  5. Thanks for all the information Elias! :D

    I agree that it matters that Viggo took the part of Aragorn so seriously. He is the perfect Aragorn for me.

    Thorin.. of course there may be things that could have been done differently.. but then it had to make sense as a movie as well. The books are just too long and include too much detail to get everything just right in the movie. Some things had to be changed.

    By the way.. life is so much more fun if you see it from a positive point of view. ;) There must have been something that you liked about the movie.. isn't there? I promise that you'll feel a lot happier yourself if you discuss the things that you liked rather than the things that you didn't like. :)
  6. ReadWryt

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    "Additionally, he said that they are still finding gaps in the story as they edit, which will require "pick up" filming both this year and next, to complete scenes as yet unwritten, to flesh out both TTT and ROTK." http://www.theonering.net/rumour_mill/rpg/viewer/main/3C770EF10003332C.html

    This kind of flies in the face of the concept that all three movies were shot at once, doesn't it? I mean, how can one say that they were shot simultaneously when Jackson himself states that there is more filming to be done?? Especially in light of the fact that Jackson stated that the SCREENPLAY isn't even finished yet by admitting to "scenes yet unwritten".
  7. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    Actually, despite the continual criticism I've recieved from many a movie defender, I have said numerous good things about the movie...I have looked at things from a fairly objective position....Some people can't stand at all, the fact that I bad mouth the movie's parts that they like. Nobody has commented on the good things I've said and have conveniently ignored them to label me a "fundamentalist", a "purist" and a "shallow" thinker.....Who is more objective?
  8. DGoeij

    DGoeij Pan Narran

    Stick your neck out and somebody will aim a blow at it.:D

    Anyway, if you jump into a thread and start about Glorfindel/Arwen again, people are bound to notice. It's getting pretty boring, together with the opposing shouters that is.

    I don't mean PRH and Ged by that, somehow you guys are always able to come up with a post that can make me at least snigger.:)
  9. Minas

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    Ents are good

    Chuffed to read in your posted link RW that the Ents are awesome. I can't imagine how you can get trees to fight and ponder and get hot and hasty and look good. I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself.
    Someone was saying there are 106 errors in LOTR. Having read some of them they are so Nitpicky they make Thorin appear positive. No, I don't believe that is possible, they go a long way to making Thorin appear positive.
    The main achievement surely is that the size differentials are consistently maintained and yes the detail is amazing. As I've said before I look forward to some more of PJ's added scenes to his interpretation of TTT and some more subtle linking in to Tolkien's other written works.
  10. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    :( Hey! That's not fair!

    To my credit, I never noticed ONE technical error or edit fudge....I was too busy fuming about......anyway, the point is is that I'm nit-picky about the facts!

    Hmmph....Where's my axe?...
  11. linweyn

    linweyn Registered User

    that was good, I read the same things in a book of behind the scenes, and I can add somethings if you allow me:) :) :) :) :)
  12. linweyn

    linweyn Registered User

    Sam had a few accidents during the movie, a telar fell on him in bree and when he jumped into the lake at the end of the movie he break his foot with a wood stick, he had to go to the hospital by helicopter!

    did you know that????;)
  13. Elias

    Elias Loremaster

    Well I didn't know those things before.:(
  14. ReadWryt

    ReadWryt Guest

    This explains why when Bilbo stands directly in front of the fireplace with Gandalf behind him, he casts no shadow on the Wizard...heheh
  15. Dûndorer

    Dûndorer Registered User

    i didnt know there isnt a shadow, is that true or are u just joking around.

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