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Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by Eliot, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot We shall prevail.....

    Hey y'all, I just wanted to talk about the movie soundtrack.
    My favorite track is #2: concerning hobbits.
    I really don't have a least favorite because they are all awesome:D
  2. Talimon

    Talimon Registered User

    Breaking of the Fellowship is my favorite, with The Ring Goes South coming in second. As you can tell I'm a sucker for the main themes :). But the Breaking of the Fellowship is really emotional. I can just see that whole scene with Frodo and Sam in the boat there each time I hear it.
  3. Jav

    Jav The Torture Guy

    I like the Enya song. Even though she scares me, I still like it.
  4. Ariana Undomiel

    Ariana Undomiel Hrívëvendë

    My favorite is The Breaking of the Fellowship and then I really like all the other ones about equal.

  5. Eliot

    Eliot We shall prevail.....

    I guess she's all right. Whatever. The song on the soundtrack that she sings(May it be) I've heard to many times to like it very much.
  6. EverEve

    EverEve Back from a long hiatus

    The Breaking of the Fellowship, In Dreams, and May It Be are totally awesome. You gotta love Howard Shore *BEST COMPOSER EVER!*!! At my school, for band, we're playing Highlights from LotR:FotR...Its one of our newest peices, and its the one we play best. Thats sorta scary :)
  7. Jav

    Jav The Torture Guy

    Thats awesome, that you play that kinda stuff in band. My schools band is stupid. They are a jazz band and they are horrible.
  8. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace

    I like all of them a lot! My favourite has got to be the one right after Gandalf's fall.How is that called - The bridge of Khazad-dum?:)
  9. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace

    I just remembered that my second favourite song from the soundtrack is "Lothlorien" because of all the "magical" voices in the background!:)

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