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Discussion in '"The Return of the King"' started by Niniel, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Niniel

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    Here's a little thing I notice, that constitutes quite a deviation from the book:
    in the book it was the third finger of Frodo's right hand that had been bitten off by Gollum. In the film it's the index finger (I think) of Frodo's left hand... why would they change this? Would they change such things for any particular reason?
  2. Gildor

    Gildor In Exile

    The only reason I can think of is to make his bloody stump easier to see.
  3. aragil

    aragil Just another loremaster

    It is probably due to the actor. I am guessing that as a right handed person, Elijah felt most comfortable holding the Ring with his right hand. As for which finger, in all of the other 'demonstrative' scenes in which Frodo either put on the Ring or almost put on the Ring (Woody End, Osgiliath) Frodo always made a big show about extending his index finger forward into the Ring. He does the same thing at the Sammath Naur- rather nice for the sake of consistency.

    On another note: "constitutes quite a deviation from the book"? Seriously? I'd put it on the same level as "the Nazgul's horses not being black enough".
  4. Kelonus

    Kelonus Prince of Lenya Woods

    I noticed the finger issue too. Too bad it's all over..... The Hobbit, if it is actually being made would be great!
  5. Niniel

    Niniel Random Quoter

    It's just that I noticed these small things that are changed; there are more of them, like the body count of Legolas and Gimli in Helm's Deep. I don't mind if things are cut from the movie due to time lack, or even if things are added (if everything had been taken right from the book there would be no surprises). But if they choose to include some detail, why not do it the way it was in the book?
    And I do think that Frodo's finger is more important than a Nazgul horse; it is referred to in the book several times after he actually lost his finger, and one of the wounds Frodo doesn't really recover from. So it just made me wonder why they would change something like this.
  6. 33Peregrin

    33Peregrin hmmm

    I was wondering about that too.... one little thing that could have been true to the book, with one slight little change. Oh well, Oh well. It was a small disappointment to me, but I will in the end, hardly notice it. They could have had Sam living in Bag End in the end.... and why does he have two children when he returns rather than one? It doesn't matter much.
  7. breadfan35

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    All he was doing was holding his finger from the middle knuckle down. Not many people can do that with their third finger without it also causing their pinky to go down also.

    The way they did it in the movie is just easier to do and it still gets the point across.
  8. Foe-Hammer

    Foe-Hammer Registered User

    Could it be that if you were to hand a ring to most people that they would place it on the index finger? Maybe having frodo put it on his ring finger would have raised questions in the viewers mind? Especially during the parts where he was almost in a trance and struggling not to put it on? I think PJ wanted us to identify with that struggle and the ring finger is just too un-natural?

    I don't know. Just a thought.

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