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    Knight of Imladris, Lore Keeper, Healer, Herbalist
    Imladris (Rivendell), formerly Gondolin
    The half elf known only as Grey-Leaf journey throughout Middle Earth on his own. Shunned by Elves and distrusted by men, Grey-Leaf belonged nowhere. He is a tall slender Man with nimble fingers. He has black hair and violet eyes filled with much sorrow and rage. A Master of stealth, archery and swordsmanship, Grey-Leaf is an expert Hunter and scout. He is also an adept healer.

    One day whilist roaming around, Grey-Leaf happened upon the home of a Halfling or Hobbit. This Hobbit was unusual fore he was just as tall as a dwarf and had a slight beard. The Hobbit gave a slight jump when he caught sight of the half elf. "Oh! Forgive me. I didn't know anyone had found this place. My name's Theoden Brandybuck. Please call me Theo."
    Grey-Leaf smiled slightly "Well met. I am called Grey-Leaf. I belong nowhere. I'm half elven you see."
    Theo chuckled " Grey-Leaf? That's not much of a name is it?"
    Grey-Leaf bowed his head and sighed "It is all I have."

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