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    I know that we all can learn about Elvish.But there are some word in the third part I can not understand.For example, "silver glass"(...and all will turn to silver glass... said by Galdalf the white in The white city ).What does it mean? I've asked many people but no one can answer me.Could you tell me its meaning , please?
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    Well, it's a compound noun (for "silvery glass"), referring to the boundary between the World Made Round and the world of the Undying Lands. It's also in the original text written by Tolkien in the end of the book, "The Grey Havens" (moved and adjusted by Peter Jackson & co. as they moved it to Gandalf's mouth in Minas Tirith): "the grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass..." I don't see what it's got to do with any Elvish. It's just English. I don't know if there's anything else... save maybe some technicality about the nature (the word relations) of the compound.
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    its a description, not a litteral.
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    Tolkien could be making a play on words here. He's done it before.

    "Silver glass" could be translated into Quenya as Silmaril (silma + maril)

    Silma = "silver", "shining white"

    Maril = "glass" or "crystal".

    Perhaps he was referring to the purity and bliss of an earlier time, the time before the rape of the Silmarils (ie their coming into Middle-earth and being made permanently part of the physical world).

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