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    Mae govannen!

    I know it's kinda rude to start my life in this forum with a request but I'm still gonna do it while in the same time feeling bad about it. Anyhoo:

    I want to tattoo a short sentence in Sindarin. I translated it from German but in English it says: "The next story awaits."

    Because I missed the word for "next" I translated it as "The story after this waits"/the German equivalent for it: "Die Geschichte nach dieser wartet."

    After my try I came up with the result "I narn na hen dartha."

    I wanted to ask if someone a bit better than me when it comes to translating full sentences to Sindarin could take a look at this and tell me before I'm going to put a grammatical error into my skin. Although it would look quite amusing if I corrected it with red ink...

    Thanks in advance to anyone who invests time for this!

    Best wishes

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