Hindsight is 20/20

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What's you experience on buying different FOTR versions?

  1. I bought both, now I don't feel suckered in hindsight

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  2. I bought both, now I feel suckered in hindsight

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  3. I only bought the TC, I won't buy the EE

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  4. I only bought the EE, I won't buy the TC

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  5. I've only bought one so far, I intend to get the other

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  1. PRH

    PRH Registered User

    Well, I 'fell for it' -- the ol' New Line marketing ploy that there was so much grief over. I bought the TC when it came out in August, and I bought the EE on Tuesday. Was I suckered? Absolutely not. As it turns out, owning both versions has been WELL worth it. For one, I was able to completely get my money's worth out the TC that even if I never pop it in again it's paid for itself (in entertainment value). But more importantly, I've now got two distinctly different versions of the film. The TC is not obsolete. It has it's place. It's a different film. Has anyone else seen both Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux? Those two films are completely different. I liken the TC vs. EE to be about 70% as distinct from one another as the original Apocalypse and the Redux.

    Not a waste of money.

    ...granted, the technology was there to squeeze both versions onto the same discs, sharing the data on common scenes and skipping over different ones. Why don't they ever seem to do this?!?

  2. Talimon

    Talimon Registered User

    I don't feel really suckered either. While I don't intend to pop in the TC anytime soon, it's paid itself off in spades. I'd have had to rent it otherwise, which, considering how many times I've seen it, wouldn't have paid off. Plus, the TC edition gives me the trailers, something that has more of a collectors value for me.
  3. gorgothax

    gorgothax Registered User

    Word was out about EE

    Before the regular version hit the streets. It wasn't too well known but it was out there in enough places that I ran across it.

    Even knowing that I bought the TC thinking I could watch it a few times and then regift it later. No regrets here.

    If they added another 30 minutes to the EE I'd buy that as well.
  4. Grond

    Grond Melkor's Mallet

    Tolkien purist at your service!!! I, too, bought both and have enjoyed both thoroughly. I am getting ready to watch the EE with the commentary on, so Talimon.... be prepared. I already understand that while Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh know the "real" story front to back.... PJ had a few problems with his memory. I'll report back when I've listened to the commentary. :)
  5. joxy

    joxy Registered User

    P Boyens takes it for granted that they did a painstaking, careful, thorough, and excellent job; and it does not occur to her that anyone might feel otherwise, or that anyone might be interested to hear explanations of their actual alterations and additions.
    The meticulous attention they pay to their scripts stands in stark contrast to some of their product.
  6. Mindy_O_Lluin

    Mindy_O_Lluin GOO. . . foff

    I knew I would have the Gift set with all the extras eventually. I wanted the Nat. Geographic CD because I'd not seen it before. And this would be my Widescreen version. But I also bought a used copy of the regular screen theatrical version, and I'm glad I did, because the pace of that one is more exciting than the extended, and I'm attached to it, plus the widescreen bothers me a bit (at least until I buy a bigger TV). So now I can watch the version I'm in the mood for or have time for. Besides, the extended one feels like an entirely different movie, to me.
  7. Ascamaciliel

    Ascamaciliel Dropper Of Eaves

    I bought TC awhile ago, and EE just recently. Now I know this may sound dumb, but I probably will watch TC still, just so I don't get sick of the EE. It's such a treat to see the extra scenes, but I don't want to get tired of them(as if that's possbile!). Plus, I have the FOTR soundtrack, and I can quote along parts of the script with the music, but in EE it's all different, so that's cool, haha
  8. Leto

    Leto Shai Hulud

    I heard about the EE before the TC was released, so I held out for the longer version. I don't regret it...I wasn't impressed enough with the original version to see it more than once in the theater. I did rent it once, when it came out on DVD, to refresh my memory on it. I don't feel the need to ever see the TC again. The EE is 100% better in my opinion.

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