Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!

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    I would like some help in translating the prayer of Tom Bombadil into Sindarin, I am not good at all with languages but I attempted a translation - the meaning of it, not word for word. Please all of you scholars of the ancient tongues help me!

    Alae! Iarwain, Iarwain Ben-adar!
    Na nên, eryn a dôl, na i lisc a thathar,
    Na ûr, Anor ah Ithil, lasto hi a berio ammen!
    Tolo, Iarwain, am maur vîn anglennol ammen!

    The last line I mean to say our darkness is approaching us, and the second to last, something like, listen now and help us. It may be terribly wrong, but one has to start somewhere, and I love Tom Bombadil.

    edited: an maur to am maur, I got confused, maur is a mutation of baur 'need' not darkness. Still not sure if I can use the preposition an in that way.
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