Is Melian the female Gandalf?

Discussion in 'The Hall of Fire' started by Mithrandir-Olor, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Melian and Olorin and discussed side by side at the close of the Maia section of the Valaquenta.

    I'm finally reading through The Children of Hurin and it is interesting, like Gandalf Melian is a Maia who is the wisest character in the story, she senses what the Enemies true intent is and tires to counter it.

    But being a Woman her Wisdom isn't heeded as well as Mithrandir's was.

    Unrelated note, Thingol's attitude towards Beren is kind of Hypocritical isn't it? Isn't an Elf as far below a Maia as a Man is below an Elf?
  2. Troll

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    Indeed. In my humble (and obviously biased) opinion, an Elf is even further below a Maia than a Man is below an Elf. ;)
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    You bring up an interesting Melian/Thingol - Luthien/beren parallel that I'd like to carry a bit farther:

    Thingol strays into the forest, sets eyes upon Melian, falls into a trance......

    Beren strollds intio the forest, lays eyes on Luthien & goes into a trance....
  4. Mithrandir-Olor

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    Like mother like daughter.

    I know some Women like that.

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