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  1. Veramir

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    Tolkien is burried with his wife and on their gravestone is written:

    1889 - 1971
    1892 - 1973'

    It just made me feel sad and yet happy at how they are refered to as Beren and Luthien. Awww!
  2. Talierin

    Talierin Still here... sometimes

    Here's their actual tombstone

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  3. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace Staff Member

    That is beautiful and very sad. :(
  4. Beleg

    Beleg Fading


    Very inspiring.
    Real true love.
  5. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    Ah that's sad! Mabey someday when I die I'll put

    ? ? Z--------
    198? - 2???

    Nicholas John Z--------
    1989 - 2???

    Or mabey Arwen and Estel to replace Shelob and Ulairi
  6. Eledhwen

    Eledhwen Cumbrian

    From a letter to C Tolkien 11. July 1972

    I have at last got busy about Mummy's grave.... The inscription I should like is: EDITH MARY TOLKIEN 1889-1971 Luthien

    Brief and jejune, except for Luthien, which says for me more than a multitude of words: for she was (and knew she was) my Luthien......

    I never called Edith Luthien - but she was the source of the story that in time became the chief part of the Silmarillion. It was first conceived in a small woodland glade filled with hemlocks at Roos in Yorkshire.....

    In those days her hair was raven, her skin clear, her eyes brighter than you have seen them, and she could sing - and dance. But the story has gone crooked, & I am left, and I cannot plead before the inexorable Mandos.

  7. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    Elgee feels lonely. . .sigh. . .

    Black Captain, you sincerely limited your wife's age. . .She can't be more than a year younger than you. . .Older than you is fine, most men don't marry women ten years older than them, so you can keep the eight in that respect, but what if you want to marry a younger woman?

    I've always been determined to not marry a younger man. I don't know why, but I just don't want to. He has to be at least a day older than me. . .I'd settle for a minute older than me.

    It's one of my quirks.
  8. TaranisCain

    TaranisCain Registered User

    Who's idea was it to do that?
    Did Tolkiens wife die first?

    As you can see, I don't know much about Tolkien himself.
  9. TaranisCain

    TaranisCain Registered User

    Opps...I just realized that his wife died first. So, was it Tolkiens idea to do that?
  10. Sarah

    Sarah Pervy Hobbit Fancier

  11. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    Meh... I was just talking generaly... Didn't try and put too much thought into it... That'd hurt:D :rolleyes:
  12. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    Sure to do so, Sarah. . .

    Well, BC, I guess you'll just have to marry an older woman.
  13. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    A fitting epitaph, I suppose, seeing as he based the character on his wife, and he was her husband. Personally, the best epitaph I've come across was Spike Milliagan's - See, I told you I was ill!

    Why worry about the age of your wife? So long as you love her. What would bother me, though, would be a wife taller than me. Not much danger of that happening to me (being 6'2"), but one of my friends has a girlfriend several inches taller than him - I don't know how he can cope with it ;) :rolleyes:
  14. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    Well, mine would be a husband, and I have this mental block about marrying a young guy. . .I've always been attracted to older ones. . .normally only three or so years older, but older. . .and taller, too. The guy I have a crush on is six four and I'm five four.
  15. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    Six four, wow, that's tall. But you never know, you might meet someone who smashes down that mental barrier of yours, you can't be sure until you meet him :p
  16. HLGStrider

    HLGStrider All Knowing Magic Cat

    At the moment it would take a miracle to get me "over" the six four character, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him or someone very, very, very like him.
  17. Jesse

    Jesse Christian Tolkineer

    That is sad.... :( :(
  18. Feanorian

    Feanorian Registered User

    I agree, but it is also very touching, very very touching.
  19. spirit

    spirit Dragon Tamer

    its very swet! i think im gonna cry....:( :( :(
  20. Gil-Galad

    Gil-Galad in love

    I don't know,I felt awful when I saw the picture of their grave.:(
    And after seeing the names of Luthien and Beren engraved there,I am sure their love was as strong as Luthien and Beren's one.:(

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