Legolas won a MTV movie award!!!!

Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by Elbereth, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Elbereth

    Elbereth Star Queen of Valinor


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  2. YayGollum

    YayGollum Conscience of TTF

    Oo! What did Gollum win? :rolleyes:
  3. Talimon

    Talimon Registered User

    Wouldn't that be hillarious if Gollum won an Oscar for supporting actor in TTT? First time a CG charachter actually wins something. But I'm positive Bernard Hill (Theoden) would take an award first, if not Gandalf (Mckellen) or Wormtongue (Brad Dourif). There are going to be so many good actors in that movie... And I haven't even mentioned Faramir (David Wenham) or Eomer (Karl Urban)!!!

    Shakes in anticipation
  4. Oren

    Oren Registered User

    Hee hee that would be funny!!!:D :D
  5. YayGollum

    YayGollum Conscience of TTF

    Well, he already has the Oscar for Visual Effects. But I'm sure he could win the best supporting actor! Yay Gollum! :D
  6. Nefmariel

    Nefmariel Anime Rocks!

    I'm glad that Orlando got an award!!!!!:D :D :D
  7. Aragorns_girl00

    Aragorns_girl00 I am Eowyn, Aragorns Love

    what...WHAT? was viggo in it also?????????????:confused:
  8. Aragorns_girl00

    Aragorns_girl00 I am Eowyn, Aragorns Love

    i thought gollum was cute.
  9. Lego My Egolas

    Lego My Egolas Registered User

    Actually, the actor who played Gollum could actually win an award for supporting actor. He probably had the hardest acting job out of anyone on the set, and he did an awesome job. I wish I knew the name of the guy who played Gollum, so I could congratulate him...
  10. gabberjawa

    gabberjawa Guest

    omg! so awesome!! yayy orli
  11. Niniel

    Niniel Random Quoter

    Andy Serkis played Gollum.
    Yay Orli!!!
  12. Ascamaciliel

    Ascamaciliel Dropper Of Eaves

    Lego My Egolas

    Lego, I would like to compliment you on your membername, it's possibly the most creative one I've ever read.
  13. gandalfthegreat

    gandalfthegreat Registered User

    Yeah I think it is great that Orlando Bloom won a MTV award...He did a good job on Legolas...And yeah Lego My Egolas is probably the most creative member name I have ever seen.

  14. Eledhwen

    Eledhwen Cumbrian

    Not bad for the former bit-part actor in 'Casualty'

    My congratulations to Orlando Bloom - he deserves it.

    I hope you have all voted in the "Best Supporting Actor" poll in the Forum's Movie Trilogy TTT threads.
  15. Eirien

    Eirien HiGh ElF Of NoLdoR

    what?! when are the oscars or whatevr ceromony it is for all these awards u guys are talking about?

    ~ *Eirien*~ \ \ \_______\ \_ My Legolas's Arrow
    / / / / /
  16. Eirien

    Eirien HiGh ElF Of NoLdoR

    ugh nevermind my arrow didn't come out right!!!:(
  17. Isenho

    Isenho Fantastique

    yeah it was orli's first movie, wow is he going to become popular!
  18. Eledhwen

    Eledhwen Cumbrian

    Oscars are on March 24th, but there are a couple of other award ceremonies before then. I've posted a poll in the LotR Movie Trilogy section "The Two Towers" for best supporting actor, if you want to vote. The poll closes the day before the Oscars (so we don't bias the result!).
  19. LotR_Girl

    LotR_Girl Registered User

    Oscars... ehhh they were wonderful last year! Although Beautiful Mind stole Oscar to LotR! Anyways, congrats to Orli - he won it because he is popular. And talented. :D Just don't tell me he's pretty! :p
  20. xime i love OB

    xime i love OB *legolas property*


    yes, i m knew here and this pas long time ago but he cant go to the mtv movie awards cause he was shooting a movie mmm
    but he also look great !

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