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  1. Arthur_Vandelay

    Arthur_Vandelay Hipster Doofus

    First, I apologise if the title of this thread misled you: there is no Lord of the Rings television series in the offing, as far as I know.

    However, given the omissions and distortions that necessarily or unnecessarily (depending on your point of view) but inevitably have accompanied motion picture adaptations of the Lord of the Rings, do you think that a TV mini-series or even an extended weekly series would be more suitable for future adaptations?

    If so, how long should it run, and how would it be structured?
  2. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    I think it's a great idea! As far as how it'll be devided, I'd say make it a weekly show, one hour long, perhaps covering half a chapter per show. This will allow the show to run for about 160 shows between the hobbit and LotR. That would give for about four seasons, and if all goes well, they could keep it up and do the Sil, the the unfinished tales, and the book of lost tales 1 and 2, and beyond. Who knows? One of my career options is directing, and I would definately do this type of thing id I do go into directing and if it's still not been done when I get there. One could easily get the funds to do at least the hobbit. By the time some one did this, me or another director, PJ's LotrR would be a thing of the past, and people like Elijah Wood would bee long gone! *grin* Pretty boy. *groan* EEK! Anyway, so now I'm inspired..oh boy, here I go.
  3. Arthur_Vandelay

    Arthur_Vandelay Hipster Doofus

    A further question: animated or live action?
  4. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    Indeed, I had thought of this.

    With live action:
    *It would seem more real.
    *More adults would watch it
    *Help, any other reasons guys?

    With Animated:
    *less of a comparison to PJ
    *less comittment on actor's parts
    *cheaper (no sets, props, extras, etc)

    There's pros and cons both ways...help me elaborate the list Mr. Vandelay!
  5. Mike

    Mike Beowulf's lost son-in-law

    I'd LOVE a TV sereis...although I do believe there was a Finnish one a while back (I'm not sure).

    As for style: animated. That's all i can say. (I Love animation)
  6. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    agreed. It's also easier to find the 'right' voice without having to worry about having it look hot and sexy. I think that was half of PJs problems right there!! He,he!!

    Now what kind of animation? Would it be down to earth cartoon, like Peanuts, like the japanise films, or a the type of drawing that acctaully attempts to look realish? What direction would the animators go?
  7. renegadedog

    renegadedog Registered User

    I think such a TV show could be much more faithful to the book.

    I do love the films, largely, yet I'd also like to see something that was truer to the book - and I think that would work better as a TV show, one hour a week, rather than a film. The way PJ did it was more appropriate to the cinematic format (IMO)

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