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Discussion in 'The Languages of Middle-earth' started by Onur7, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Hello, I have been searching for the translation of the word 'Honor' to Sindarin, but couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe someone here can help?
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    From a (fairly) quick look, I haven't found one either. Not in Quenya/Sindarin anyway. The closest I could get appears below the line below (seems to be a possible verb in Quenya), if you haven't already landed on that much, that is.

    The problem for me is: if I know there's a jool in a haystack, I know looking can have a glittery result. But here the haystack might just be hay, which doesn't give me much incentive to look.

    Unless I want hay ;)

    Might be something in Gnomish/Qenya, though these are really externally early languages, versions of what would ultimately morph into Sindarin/Quenya.


    "It was John Garth who first noted that the Quenya word han *‘beyond,’ and its apparent source, the CE root √han- ‘add to, increase, enhance, honour (espec. by gift),’ published in connection with Tolkien’s Quenya translations of the Lord’s Prayer, likely provided the actual source of Q. *hanta- ‘thank,’ in the sense ‘to increase, magnify, honor, glorify’ < CE *hantā-.

    Shortly after this, Bertrand Bellet noted the implication of this newly attested root and derivation for “Neo-Sindarin” *hanna- ‘thank,’ pointing out that since CE *h- disappears in Sindarin, CE *hantā- would yield S. *anna-, not *hanna-. But anna- already exists as a Sindarin verb, for ‘give.’ "And so the “Neo-Sindarin” reconstruction *hanna- ‘thank’ and its signature phrase hannon le ‘I thank you’ disappear in a puff of phonology." Carl Hostetter

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