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  1. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.


    As some of you may know from looking at the "active RPers" thread, I was once involved in a RP called "Tharbad Rebuilt", which was lost and then abandoned during "the great merge". I'd like to give the plot line another go, so this is the OOC thread for that project. This time I'm calling it "New Tharbad".

    This is an open RPG. Anyone can join. I, at the least, will be posting regularly. I'm hoping for a couple other dedicated players, but for starters I'll play two different characters just to keep the ball rolling.

    If you don't know it already, below is a map and a link to some info about where and what Tharbad is. As the end of the article on the LOTR Wiki, Tharbad was most likely rebuilt (it flooded before) in the early Fourth Age, under King Aragorn's rule. This was the general idea when we used this idea before, and it seemed to work.

    View attachment 5098
    (Tharbad is right in the middle of this part of the map of Middle Earth)

    See other info on Tharbad here.

    Okay, background covered. Here is what is happening at the start of this RP:

    • King Aragorn has ordered a small group of Soldiers to take control of and rebuild the old city of Tharbad. There are remnant groups of Orcs and Urk-hai still roaming around, looking for trouble, and Aragorn does not want them to gain control of a city that is anywhere near the Shire. Also, Tharbad sits on a riverside, and it would not be good if Orcs or any other such evil forces were to gain control of a river port.
    • The man King Aragorn sent out to lead this particular adventure was an older soldier of Gondor named Bolin. At the start of the story, Bolin has just died of some fever, and so there is an inner struggle for power. Tharbad has been inhabited by men of Gondor and other Free-Folk passing through the area for about three years now, and though there is a council of five men (including Bolin), procedure was never dictated as to who would take the lead if Bolin, appointed leader by Aragorn, were to die. One of my two characters is a council member. That leaves four slots if anybody wants to take a councilman character. IF YOU DECIDE TO TO TAKE A COUNCILMAN CHARACTER, YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO THIS RPG. IF YOU VANISH ON ME AND CANNOT BE REACHED WITHIN A MONTH'S TIME, YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE KILLED OFF AND REPLACED.
    • My second character is a half-elf who didn't go into the west, but is dedicated to ridding Middle Earth of the remains of the dark armies. At his into to the story, he had been tracking a rather large group of orcs, and ends up very wounded in the process. He seeks refuge the first place he comes to -- Tharbad. Unfortunately,the orcs who injured him decide to follow him to Tharbad, making an already chaotic situation (the death of Bolin), worse.

    Do's, Don't, and don't worry about it's:

    • If you join, please don't just post once and vanish. I'm okay with some players being semi-active, but please return and carry on your part of the story if you do post.
    • In this RP, we do welcome all sorts of players. Men, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Orc, Good, Evil, Crazy, Cats...(in the last version of this game, once character was a shopkeeper who had a bunch of large cats) *cough* HLGStrider *cough*
    • I know that before MERPG was merged into TTF, most RPers insisted on players creating character profiles in the OOC thread. Don't worry about it this time. If you develop a character in your head well enough to play him/her/it, that's good enough for me.
    • Don't commit to a major character and then vanish. I know "life happens", but if life happened in your real life and you had to back out of a commitment, you would at least tell the people that it concerned. I'm asking for that same level of good manners. I do understand if you need to back out for a while. Alot of characters in this story have good reason to come and go. If you need a break, make your character take a vacation to Gondor...or make your character get kidnapped...or make your character go on some mission elsewhere. If you just vanish and leave your part of the RP hanging, it will be my pleasure to kill your character. Yes, yes, it will be gruesome and painful.
    • HAVE FUN! I do want this RP to be flexible and fun. But I also want this to be long term and active. Part of TTF's charm has been how interactive it is, and I really hope that tradition will continue for years to come. But in order for that to happen, we need YOU! ;*)
  2. Ghorim

    Ghorim A Dwarf

    Ohhhhh boy. I am very happy to see this, Firawyn. Thanks for taking the initiative to get this one started back up.

    I've got some ideas percolating, but want to make sure I know as much as possible about the setup before I jump in.

    Let's see what you've got for your next post first, eh?
  3. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    Yes indeed. A writer of your caliber would be MORE than welcome to join up. I'd be honored, in fact. I've never had the privilege of RPing with you before, though I've attempted to keep up with the All Roads Lead Home RP you and Chrys have going.

    My first post was a lame quicky. I may actually edit that one before posting another. I just wanted to get something out there so I could create the thread. Post should be edited and/or up by tomorrow. :*)
  4. Peeping-Tom

    Peeping-Tom Noldo & Uruk-Hai in one

    Give me a day or three (tomorrow or monday), and I'll have a helping hand arriving from the north, from the rebuilding of Annúminas. He's an elf from Imladris, who owes King Ellasar a favor or two.
  5. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    Excellent! Can't wait to see what you've got, Peep.
  6. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    Alright crew. I just posted again, and I think I've opened about twenty windows of opportunity. There should now be enough problems to solve to keep us busy for awhile.

    One of the best bits of writing wisdom I've ever heard was: "Create a good character, and then be as mean to him as you can be. Show no mercy. Find his worse case scenario and force him into it."

    Happy RPing!! :*D
  7. Peeping-Tom

    Peeping-Tom Noldo & Uruk-Hai in one

    Sorry for the long and booring intro post...

    Hmm, somehow the pic didn't show right... I'll have to find a way around that...

    Firawyn, can you supply us with a some info about what year and season it is, the weather type and such?

    And I hope we have somebody watching the west gate...:*D

    Please, all you RP'ers... come on... show yourself!
  8. Firawyn

    Firawyn Verbatim et litteratim.

    Let's set it at FA 42. It's Spring. It's rained alot this year.

    See this link for a good idea of what is happening outside of Tharbad at this point.And better yet...what will be happening soon. :*)

    Yea, RPers....let's move!!
  9. Halasían

    Halasían Ranger in the Shadows

    Woo-HOO! Some RP action happening! Glad I checked TTF tonight! FA 42 is a perfect age for my Ranger #26 character. Hadn't really written much but an outline of his life at that time, so hanging around Tharbad can work. I'll take a good look at the start and write his intro, and will do my best to post at least semi-regularly.
  10. Prince of Cats

    Prince of Cats Among the Trees

    YEAH! :)

    I've learned that I'm not reliable enough to respectfully join the circle (I'm a bit of a Bombadil) but I am loving the story! :*up :*up Firawyn you did a wonderful job of creating the environment for me, I look forward to every coming page :)
  11. Peeping-Tom

    Peeping-Tom Noldo & Uruk-Hai in one

    The three (unnamed) watch-men at the West-gate are not NPC´s and will be out of my control and released for public use after my next post (I guess ;*)).

    I don't know why RPG'ing seems to scare posters. Especially when it's an open/free RPG. You don't have to follow specific plot-lines, and you only make posts when you feels like it. You don't have to engage the other characters (though it is highly encouraged) if you don't like to. So come on... enter the city of Tharbad and just say "Hello"... don't mind about spelling and grammar skills, everybody msitsakes make...:*p

    In doubt? Tell us why... Questions? Just ask...

    More characters are desperately need... Warriors, workers, traders, worried wifes, cheeky children, snobby aristocrats, cooks, warehouse workers, dwellers of all kinds... you name it...

    There's bound to be some RP'ers hiding, out there in the void somewhere...
    Come in and join the fun...
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  12. Halasían

    Halasían Ranger in the Shadows

    Good writing Tom! I hopefully will have time to get things sussed and join the fray this weekend. Don't want to get left behind on this one.
  13. Peeping-Tom

    Peeping-Tom Noldo & Uruk-Hai in one

    Looking forward to your entrance, Halasían.

    Btw : I have introduced some "baddies" for some guaranteed actions... The main character, Praag, can NOT be slain... you can try, but he, somehow always manage to escape, just to return another day. His band of Goblin-Orcs though, is another matter... feel free to find and slay them if you like... they'll just be replenished by the unnumbered Goblins of the caverns at the Misty-Mountains. :*D

    I am personally counting on posting at least once a week... but hopefully more...

    Hopefully, when plots are revealed and actions commenced, more people (and characters) will join...

    Edit : I need some interactions and/or more posters before I can get my characters going any further...
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  14. Elora

    Elora Dreamweaver

    Ah - new RP, new ideas percolating. It's been a very long time since I was here last, so happy to provide further info on self if desired/required. Have written for some years under Elora, Elora Starsong and Naiore on various Tolkien boards.

    Would like to join the troupe, and have some concepts brewing.
  15. Halasían

    Halasían Ranger in the Shadows

    I agree Tom. You have done much to further this RP. I wonder where Firawyn thinks of the interest so far, and has gone to?

    Hi Elora, and welcome! Good to see you here again! I hope you join and contribute to this tale!

    Ok, I'm going to introduce a handful of characters. A company of men, ex soldiers from the War of the Ring. I will write a background post to cover the histories of how they came to be, and then post a lead-in for their arrival in Tharbad. Except for the main character, the rest will be semi-controlled by me and can be used by writers within their outlined character, and if the tale gets moving along well, some may be killed. I'm off to write...
  16. Elora

    Elora Dreamweaver

    Thanks Halasían... will wait until a few others are able to respond before I jump in. Don't want to be hasty.:*)

    My concept is to introduce a brother and sister, non military personnel. They're born into a vagabond/quasi bandit group that is ekeing out an existance as best they can in and around Tharbad. Not necessarily evil, per se, but definately morally ambiguous, the pair have learnt the hard way to survive and that survival can demand an exacting price.
  17. Ghorim

    Ghorim A Dwarf

    Hey guys! Meet Randal and Rickard. They're brothers, and very happy to be joining the New Tharbad family. Hopefully having a third poster will get the rest of you wallflowers jumping, eh?
  18. Peeping-Tom

    Peeping-Tom Noldo & Uruk-Hai in one

    Wellcome to Tharbad, Ghorim. And yes, we certainly need some more action...

    And a wellcome to Elora and Halasían, who hopefully will join in soon...

    I don't know about Firawyn... She hasn't been online for a week, but we need a GM to set up plots, otherwise we might end up with a chaos of different plots and stories.

    My idea : Dínel is about to release the three renegades from guard-duty and order them to repair the dam, after all they are masons and not guards. After that, they are out of my control and can be used by everybody if wanted or needed. (Ghorim, don't be too harsh on them ;*)) I don't know how Dínel can slip away from a unresponsive Lord Dalin, but I'll make it happen anyhow. Next post of Dínel will, at the latest, be on the forthcoming monday (juli 11). Praag is just about to send scouts down the river towards Tharbad. (Remember, I don't control the Goblins in fights. The fight scenes you make up on your own, and can do with them as you please)
  19. Halasían

    Halasían Ranger in the Shadows

    I posted a prelude post for my main character Hanasian, and his company of soldiers. Not sure how they will work into Tharbad, but for now they are riding north from Minas Tirith, and I'll write up a bit when they arrive at the ford of the river in Tharbad.
  20. Ghorim

    Ghorim A Dwarf

    Hey Halasian, I like that bit about dwarvish stone masons in your post (naturally).

    I might have to run with that idea at some point. And here I thought I was about to finally break away from writing dwarves into these story lines...

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