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Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by Wolfshead, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    Today I was watching FOTR for about the 4th time and I was keeping a really close eye out for Peter Jackson in the Prancing Pony. I'd heard some months ago he made an apearrance but I only remembered the last time I watched it.

    After watching the video twice I have come to the conclusion that he's the guy holding a carrot outside the inn. I'd heard that he was in the Pony, but that was a long time ago. Does anyone know for definate?
  2. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    i saw an isildur look alike there but later realised that it was just some guy.
  3. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    I noticed that as well, but I figured it would just have been a coincidence.
  4. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    ive concluded that it is absolutely NOT isildur. Just some drunk in a bar. Grew his hair long, had a bit too much beer around his face...looks just like isildur. But it is not him if you do a comparison.
  5. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    Probably just some twisted New Zealander who thought it'd be funny to make himself look like the guy who plays Isildur so he could confuse Elves and poor Tolkien fans.

    You see, when Elrond tried getting Isildur to put the Ring in Mount Doom (this is the film) it wasn't actually Isildur it was that New Zealander guy. Isildur was actually outside looking for Elrond to show him the way to the Cracks Of Doom. So the whole reason any of LOTR happened was because some New Zealander wanted to play a prank.

    Or not.
  6. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    that makes perfect sense!!!!! The new zealander thought elrond wanted him to throw his wedding ring in and he said no and walked away into bree.
  7. Morgaphry

    Morgaphry Sixth Istari of Melkor

    Peter Jackson was at Bree.

    Yes Peter Jackson was in the scene at Bree.

    He burps at the hobbits in the street before they enter the Prancing Pony.

  8. Ariana Undomiel

    Ariana Undomiel Hrívëvendë

    Yes, that is exactly what I saw.

  9. Mindy_O_Lluin

    Mindy_O_Lluin GOO. . . foff

    I recently watched "The Frighteners" and saw Peter Jackson do a similar street shot in there too. Now I will have to rent "Heavenly Creatures" and see if he makes a habit of this Hitchcockian ploy.
  10. Wolfshead

    Wolfshead Formerly CraigSmith

    So it was all just one big misunderstanding. But think, if that New Zealander had not been there, we wouldn't have had LOTR and Tolkien would not have been able to write down what happened after finding a Hobbit posing as a garden gnome in his garden. But this Hobbit probably told lies about how the story went and it wasn't actually a Hobbit that destroyed the Ring, it was a walking rosebush from just down the road.

    Was he the guy with the carrot just outside the inn? He's the one that seems to look just like PJ.

    Now, The Frighteners, a very good film in my opinion.

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