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  1. DerBerggeist

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    Upon reading the last couple chapters of the Two Towers again, I’ve thought of something interesting. Is it possible that Shelob can, and does, cast an Unlight in her lair, even as Ungoliant did? Listen to this description of the atmosphere inside her cave:
    I added emphasis to the words “black vapour” because that is a crucial quality of the Unlight that Ungoliant cast so long ago:


    Now it seems like the darkness in Shelob's lair is of similar quality as the Darkness that was cast by Ungoliant, yet I think it's fair to say that its effect was not as powerful as Ungoliant's. Do you agree with all I've said?
  2. Erestor Arcamen

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    I agree I mean if I recall somewhere, isn't it said Shelob was offspring from Ungoliant? So she may have the same traits as her ancestor just not as strong.
  3. DerBerggeist

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    Yes, it says in that same chapter that Shelob is Ungoliant's last remaining offspring. As a side note, I'd just like to say how amazing Sam's duel with Shelob was. I get goosebumps every time I read that part :*)
  4. Bucky

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    Yes, I agree...

    Good catch.
  5. Prince of Cats

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    Absolutely :*up I certainly think of and hold in higher regard Ungoliant, as in part I've payed an undue lack of attention to LOTR since becoming more versed in Tolkien's other works. This is another one of those gems that really ties the tales into one. Thanks DerBerggeist :*)

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