The books are timeless, but are the films aging well?

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How has your opinion of the films changed through the years?

  1. It remains the same

  2. The films seem worse now

  3. The films seem better now

  1. Confusticated

    Confusticated Registered User

    How well are the films aging, in your opinion?

    After 10 years, would you still rate them the same?
  2. Starbrow

    Starbrow Tolkien Fan

    I watched the movies who was too young to see them when they first came out. I found that I hated the changes in the characters' actions even more than when I originally watched them. However, I imagine someone who is not as familiar with the books would probably still find the movies to be very entertaining. I think the scenery and Gollum were done incredibly well.
  3. Troll

    Troll Lorekeeper of Nardor

    On the one hand, the Evil Lighthouse of Sauron annoys me now more than it did ten years ago; on the other, Faramir taking the Hobbits to Osgiliath annoys me a little less. Story changes aside, though, I recently bought the Blu-ray extended trilogy set and watching the movies in HD has given me a new appreciation for the unbelievable thoroughness with which Peter Jackson brought Middle-Earth to life.

    If anyone attempts to remake Lord of the Rings in the future, I can't imagine how they could do better than the current films in terms of visual authenticity (note that that's visual authenticity, not faithfulness to the novels). Every set, every nature shot, every costume, and every prop is damn near perfect. I can't think of a single physical thing in the movie that could look any better than it does. (I don't care whether Tolkien's Balrogs were supposed to have wings; they look great on them. ;) )

    Of course, I could think of a few things that could be done differently... but I'm pretty happy with what we've got now to be quite honest.

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