The Hobbit Duology - Definitive Edition

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    This is a fanedit version of the original trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, the length was reduced from nine to five hours divided into two parts of approximately two and a half hours each. The integrity of the script and references to the original work were preserved.


    • Adaptations poorly executed.
    • Scenes and characters without relevance to the original plot.
    • Scenes compromised by the misuse of CGI.
    • Excessive references to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Image treatment:


    Part 1 - 1080p full hd - DualAudio Eng, Por - External portuguese subtitles (12.10GB):!jBomkawR!ZmzDt8Fp5nGpMrXBbQsVqH0RUNMBdInl3TYQBsaFoQE

    Part 1 - 720p hd - DualAudio Eng, Por - External portuguese subtitles (6.56GB):!rAJFDSwY!i1mAC1Kwo7f3JmdGrM8rXPe1fAN4FmoCjI7lx88cTNc


    Part 2 - 1080p full hd - DualAudio Eng, Por - External portuguese subtitles (13.47GB):!uEhw0a4Z!pD--Gybs1kJDJ5iKtD0P9-m0ECb3k6Sok4ON61d9tPc

    Part 2 - 720p hd - DualAudio Eng, Por - External portuguese subtitles (7.29GB):!bUIxlb5C!XwCtWLXGGfENkhhUqvUHE7toYIWAsASZETDXJOlAxWQ

    1. For the intro I used the theatrical edit and removed the Frodo's appearances.
    2. Extended cut with the young Bilbo scene in the Shire was not used.
    3. The extended version of Thorin`s meeting with Gandalf at Prancing Pony was included at the intro of the movie to show the flashback about the Battle of Moria introducing Azog and explaining the real need for the Arkenstone. All the dialog about the Durin's ring was discarded.
    4. The whole scene where the dwarves are singing while washing dishes at Bilbo's house was discarded.
    5. The whole scene in which Balin talks about the glorious past of Thorin using flashbacks from the Battle of Moria was discarded.
    6. The whole scene of Radagast's Rhosgobel was discarded. As well as any comic acting related from him during the remaining of the thriller.
    7. The extended version of Elrond's dinner at Rivendell was used, but all the parts where the dwarves sings, bathe in the fountain, and throw food at each other were discarded.
    8. The whole scene where Bilbo finds the statue holding the shards of Narsil and his dialog with Elrond was discarded.
    9. The theatrical edit was used in the White Council to avoid all the assumptions made by Gandalf that the Necromancer is looking for the seven dwarf rings.
    10. I found the last speech from Galadriel's farewell to Gandalf at Rivendell useless and her disappearance next to him very cliche, so I discarded it.
    11. Although the scene of the stone giants was part of the book, Jackson's view here is not accurate to it and has no relevance to the plot… discarded.
    12. The whole scene at the Goblin Town has been drastically reduced with numerous cuts, the original version are confusing, poorly edited and has terrible dialogs from the Goblin King. The interaction between Gollum and Bilbo was kept uncut exactly as it is in the book.
    13. In my edit they escape from the Goblin Town straight to Beron`s house, the pursuit of Azog and the battle in the pine trees was totally removed, although to be part of the book, this adaptation was very bad executed and has a lot of continuity mistakes between the scenes. Also I thought it was a better decision to preserve the eagles' call only to the end of the movie.
    14. The extended edition`s dialog of Gandalf introducing the dwarves to Beorn was discarded for CGI misuse and incoherence of speech, Beorn says he didn't know Gandalf and a few minutes later tells all the rumors about the necromancer of Dol Guldur and its alliance with the Orcs.
    15. The Bolg's introduction has been postponed to the middle of the second part. Azog's ordering him to hunt down the dwarves was removed.
    16. Azog's spoiled child's motivation for Thorin's head dismissed.
    17. Gandalf dialog with Beorn about an old enemy (Sauron)... dismissed.
    18. The eye (Sauron`s symbol) painted on a tree at the entrance of Mirkwood... dismissed.
    19. Extended edit from Mirkwood... dismissed.
    20. The Reference to Gimli while Legolas inspects Gloin's pockets... dismissed.
    21. The movie starts showing the dialog of Tauriel and Kili at the Mirkwood dungeons, that’s the only interaction of these characters before the conclusion at Kili`s death. My intention here was to keep their empathy far from a romantic affair.
    22. All of the action scenes on the Mirkwood River during the escape in the barrels have been removed.
    23. Kili was not poisoned by an Orc arrow but he gets hurt trying to escape with the barrels.
    24. Gandalf`s speech about the Ringwraiths at the high fells of Rhudaur was dismissed.
    25. The screen time of Tauriel, Legolas, Radagast, Master of Laketown and Alfrid was drastically reduced to nearly 5 minutes each.
    26. Bard is chased but he`s not caught by the guards of Lake Town.
    27. Legolas and Tauriel didn`t followed the dwarves till Lake Town, instead they went straight to Gundabad after interrogating an Orc in Mirkwood.
    28. Extended scene of the casual meeting between Gandalf and Thráin at Dol Guldur... dismissed.
    29. The fighting scene between Gandalf and the Necromancer was preserved, but there was a cut before he revealed himself as Sauron.
    30. The interaction between Smaug and Bilbo was kept uncut exactly as it is in the book.
    31. The whole fighting scene between Smaug and the dwarves was cutted off, in my edit the dwarves didn`t came into the mountain while Smaug is alive (exactly like the book), and he went to burn Lake Town just after the dialog with Bilbo.
    32. No golden dragon.
    33. I remove the scene that shows Bilbo hiding the Arkenstone in his pocket to keep the curiosity of the spectator and only revealing where the stone is when he gives it to Thranduil. All short scenes from Azog`s journey to the Mountain was also removed for the same reason.
    34. Without the support of Saruman and Elrond, Galadriel went alone to Dol Guldur for the rescue of Gandalf. My intention here was to lay emphasis on a powerful female character on Tolkien`s universe and cut off the terrible fighting scenes against the Ringwraiths and Sauron.
    35. Ridiculous Thorin`s slow motion voice speech to show he’s infected with the dragon sickness was dismissed.
    36. All quotes about Legola`s mother was dismissed.
    37. Extended dialog between Bilbo and Bofur around on the ramparts was maintained (as it was an important part of the book in my view).
    38. I choose the extended version for the arrival of Dáin and his battle against the elves (I loved the old twirley-whirlies destroying the elven arrows).
    39. All Alfrid`s cowardices acting and comic cuts removed.
    40. The terrible fight scene of Bard using a wagon against the Troll to rescue his sons was dismissed.
    41. The scene where Thorin get healed from the dragon sickness was edited due his terrible dialog with Dwalin and the poor CGI used to create a dragon swimming in the golden ground.
    42. The entire sequence of Bofur driving a Troll was discarded.
    43. The chariot’s sequence was also edited for the CGI misuse.
    44. Gandalf`s trying to use the faulty Radagast's staff against a troll was removed.
    45. Ridiculous speech from Dwalin at Ravenhill about facing a hundred Goblin mercenaries removed.
    46. Bilbo hitting big orcs with little stones removed.
    47. Bolg's death edited to reduce his extremely long fight scene against Legolas.
    48. The boring final duel of Thorin and Azog was drastically reduced and his ridiculous return from the depts of the frozen lake removed.
    49. The final dialog between Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel was ignored.
    50. Long and senseless scene where Gandalf is smoking a pipe sitting next to Bilbo in mourning by the Thorin`s death was ignored.
    51. Extended Thorin`s funeral cut preserved. It shows what happened to Arkenstone since it`s last appearance in the bard's pocket and is a very powerful ending scene.
    52. Auction for the Bilbo`s stuff in the Shire was removed and replaced for the short Gandalf Speech used in the end of the book.
    53. Ending link to the Lord of the Rings trilogy removed.
    54. Ed Sheeran and Billy Boyd’s annoying songs was ignored.
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    Hmm, I see the three dots (Elvish a) over, or inside, the Roman vowels a,o,e... did Jackson do this? I thought he only did this for the Roman "aze".

    I posted here recently that it doesn't really make sense in any case, but suggested if the person (who asked) wanted to do this, then (no problem) decorate the aze, suggesting only the aze.

    But maybe Jackson did more? Just wondering :)

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