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Discussion in 'New Line Cinema's "The Hobbit"' started by AramisMS, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. AramisMS

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    Hello fellows!

    When I watched the first minute "The Hobbit"-movie trailer for the first time I already knew:
    "Wow... it will be very hard to wait until december 2012."

    And then... the chant of "The Misty Mountains " began.
    And I knew: "I can not wait until december 2012."

    So I decided to cover/arrange and extend the short piece of the trailer!
    Maybe some of you had the same feeling and would like to listen to the piece without actor voices.
    I tried my best to get the sound as real as possible!

    I hope it's okay to post this here and I hope you'll like it!
    Downloadlink in descrpition :)
  2. baragund

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    Aramis, December will be here before you know it!!:*)

    I love the music but its tone tells me that these films will be just as intense as the LOTR films. I don't think we will be seeing much of the light-hearted children's tale that we are know and love. I'm not expecting to see any elves sitting in trees singing "Tra-la-la-lolly..."

    This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it could be a very good thing. But it will certainly be different, especially for those of us who read The Hobbit long before there were any movies, and who read The Hobbit as our first glimpse into Middle-earth.
  3. AramisMS

    AramisMS Registered User

    Well... That's so true!

    "I don't think we will be seeing much of the light-hearted children's tale that we are know and love."
    That's it, exactly... it was one of the first storys my mum/dad read to me.. At least one of the first books I remember!
    You can't put this book and capture those feelings in two movies... even if you're Peter Jackson!

    BUT I'm very excited for what will come - I think it will be a very good movie with awesome music.
    Sometimes you just have to forget about comparing movie and book... even if it's very hard at some parts. But that's what often destroys the movie.. espacially for big fans of the story.
    It definitely will be something different - but I'm sure Peter Jackson is doing a great job and I won't be disappointed :)

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