The Wraith-world: What's in it and can a living non-Maia live as a non-wraith in it?

Discussion in '"The Lord of the Rings"' started by BalrogRingDestroyer, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I have heard about the Wraith world but only know that the Nazgul were in it and that Frodo and whomever else could used the Ring could pop into it, making themselves partially into it. Supposedly the transportation to the Wraith World happened with the lesser rings too.

    However, were just Nazgul in it or were there other things? Another thing I wondered is that the long term effects of wearing a Great Ring would be that you would be stuck in the wraith world as a Wraith yourself, but I do wonder, is it possible, if only be someone with some kind of magical power like Galadriel, to use a Great Ring, or perhaps even the One Ring itself, to fully enter the Wraith World without dying or becoming a Wriath?

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