Were the Three Rings also dangerous to the Elves?

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    I get that they were definitely dangerous to mere mortals, but if the Elves had been left with them for many ages of Middle Earth or even made more of them, isn't there a possibility that they'd have eventually made more of them with what Sauron taught them and tried to stop the decay of Middle Earth and possibly defy the will of Eru?

    Let's say that, just for smiles, that Tar-Míriel had kept the throne and handed Sauron over to the Valar after defeating him with the Army of Numenor and that Sauron got locked up by the Valar, never to plague Middle Earth again.

    The One Ring was lost (perhaps never to be found) in the process and the Elves used the craft Sauron taught them to make Great Rings? Do you think that the Elves and their efforts to keep from "fading" would have eventually created such a catastrophe in Middle Earth that Eru would be forced to intervene?