What change in the movies ticks you off the most?

Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by Talierin, Oct 17, 2001.

  1. Talierin

    Talierin Still here... sometimes

    For me, it's not Arwen, it's Lurtz, and the orcs hatching out of pods. That just bugs the heck out of me. You would think, since the orcs were made in mockery of the elves, they would reproduce as elves do. What is with the pods and cocoons!!! Does PJ think they're ants or some sort of bug??? And this Lurtz dude, what is with adding him in? I'm not sure if he is actually purple/blue, but in a couple pics I have seen he is purple/blue. What is up with that? He kind of reminds me of......Barney the purple dinosaur *shudders* in a way.

    So, what change is really ticking you off?
  2. Kraas

    Kraas Registered User

    Orcs from pods?! Arwen a warrioress?! Some dude named Lurtz?! I think I speak for many people when I say...


    I know that Peter what-his-name may have cinematic license, but DID THIS DUDE EVER READ THE BOOKS! This is almost enough to keep me from going to see it...almost.
  3. Beorn

    Beorn In the shadows Staff Member

    I'd say it Lurtz. And, I don't think it even sounds like an orc name. The orcs out of pods does rank up there though. Action Arwen would be next on the list....
  4. Tulkas

    Tulkas Registered User

    Ponds? That's terrible! How could they sink that low?
  5. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end


    If it couldn't get any worse!! Orcs from pods?

    That does bother me, but to me the orcs are less significant characters. When they take and screw up the "good guys" characters, that bothers me.
    And theArwen-warrior-spell-casting-witch-ifyouwanthimcomeandclaimhim-steroid wench REALLY REALLY BOTHERS ME!!!!!

    There are little things that bother me. Like Gandalf grabbing Frodo and asking "IS IT SAFE?" like some crazy old man.
  6. Talierin

    Talierin Still here... sometimes

    Here is picture proof that the orcs are hatching from pods in the movies:


    This is really disturbing me, because PJ is sick enough to put something like this in LOTR. Tolkien would probably have a heart attack if he could see this stuff being done to his wonderful book.
  7. ReadWryt

    ReadWryt Guest

    For me, in general, it's the changing of the nature of the characters on the whole. Sam and Merry are much too bold when confronted with the Nazgul, who's only real supernatural power is the incredible fear they invoke in any who are not fearless.

    Gandalf becomes a sputtering madman, "Is it here? Is it SAFE?!?". Tolkien wrote to Forrest J. Ackerman about the draft script that Disney fielded, "...Gandalf, please, should not 'splutter'. Though he may seem testy at times, has a sense of humour, and adopts a somewhat avuncular attitude to hobbits, he is a person of high and noble authority, and great dignity."

    In fact, in general, Tolkien spoke to changes in characters later in the same letter, #210 in the yr 2000 edition of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, "I do earnestly hope that in the assignment of actual speeches to the characters they will be represented as I have presented them: in style and sentiment. I should resent perversions of the characters (and do resent it, so far as it apears in this sketch) even more than the spoiling of the Plot and Scenery."
  8. Cian

    Cian sylvan madman

    Anyone know if the Legolas "shield surfing" is still in?
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  9. Telchar

    Telchar Someone out there?

    sheild surfing? When they tried to cross the readhorn pass?
  10. Beorn

    Beorn In the shadows Staff Member

    Like Telchar said, Sheild surfing?

    Tell me about this one...
  11. Cian

    Cian sylvan madman

    I heard somewhere during the battle at Helms Deep he surfs on a shield (down steps?) I think this came from the footage in Cannes, but am not sure.

    edit update: I just read on TORN that this scene was filmed but may be cut (<- supposedly from a "reliable source") Cheers
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  12. Tar-Ancalime

    Tar-Ancalime Dark Queen of Mordor

    the legolas thing doesn't tick me off too much ,ZenArwen however does,Pray pj gets the story line down!
  13. Kraas

    Kraas Registered User

    Is it too late for him to make any changes to it? I don't see why he did this pod-thing (where could he even fit this into the storyline?!), and the change with Arwen is totally unnecessary. She's just supposed to be this little Elven-hottie that sits in the Hall of Fire & has next to no lines, and Aragorn marries her in the end. The great female warriors are supposed to be Galadriel and Eowyn (though Galadriel doesn't fight, she has the warrior spirit).

    And Gandalf, sputtering like a senile old man?! That is completely out of character! Peter should have gotten Christopher Tolkien to help him go through this thing and approve (or disapprove!) of any changes he made.
  14. Talierin

    Talierin Still here... sometimes

    I think the pod thing is going to be in Two Towers, in Orthanc. Probably just some shots giving the tour of Orthanc, and setting up the story for Lurtz.
  15. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    Have any of you checked out the changes made in the movies at tolkienonline? THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY MORTIFYING! Jackson is taking ludicrous and unecessary liberties with the movie! I must cry out WHY? WHY? WHY? Why not leave things as they are?????
    Besides the horrific ones already mentioned (Lurtz, Arwen, Crazy Gandalf, pod-Orcs):

    1) Balrog chases Fellowship to the bridge of Khazad-dum and fellowship jumps over chasm....LEGOLAS CATCHES GIMLI BY THE BEARD before he almost falls in!!

    2) Orcs chase Fellowship to Lorien where they are barely saved by Elves.

    3) Elves haul Fellowship into trees at last minute to evade a second group of trolling orcs.

    4) Only Legolas and Gimli are blindfolded in Lorien instead of the whole Fellowship.

    5) Frodo meets up with Aragorn after the Boromir encounter on Amon Hen and tells an "understanding" Aragorn that he must go into Mordor alone.

    6) Aragorn fights orcs (and Lurtz) on Amon Hen

    7) All Fellowship attacks the Watcher of the Gates.

    8) Galadriel floats on some cheesy amusement park boat instead of large swan boat paddled by two elves.

    9) Gimli uses his axe on the ring sitting on a pedestal in the council of Elrond to show it's indestructability. What it is doing away from Frodo is beyond me.

    10) Boromir gets a hold of the ring on Caradhras and quotes a line that he used on Frodo at Amon Hen.

    11) Merry and Pippin are given much more roles (overhear Gandalf and Frodo talk about the ring in Hobbiton, volunteer themselves at the council of Elrond (as do all the Fellowship, as opposed to Elrond appointing them)), fighting in Moria.

    12) Bilbo is not even at the Council, and there are many other unidentified people sitting there as well.

    That was just a bit of FoTR folks...I didn't even check out TT and RoTK. I am getting madder and more unmotivated by the minute to see this movie. I can somewhat understand cutting Bombadil for time's sake. But what the heck does it prove to change all the little things?? All it shows is Jackson's lack of respect and regard for the seemingly "little" things that mean alot to the story and is not a big deal to be left alone, yet Jackson changes them.
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  16. Chippy

    Chippy Guest

    nooo that is not good...

    the pod thing with the orcs remind me of the movie Matix...
  17. Telchar

    Telchar Someone out there?

  18. Tar-Ancalime

    Tar-Ancalime Dark Queen of Mordor

    Let us breath first, that see if those aren't nasty little rumors, for how much boasting he did it would be to pathetic. Don't get uninterested yet. Give the poor guy a chance
  19. Thorin

    Thorin LOTR Purist to the end

    "The Ring! Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing? So small a thing!"

    - Boromir (at Amon Hen, now on Caradhras after the ring slips off Frodo's neck when he falls and Boromir picks it up, then easily gives it back to Frodo at the command of Aragorn. This, along with Bilbo dropping the ring on the floor and giving it up easily, as well as the ring sitting on a pedestal at the council, really lessens the impact of the power of the ring)

    Tar, most of the changes on www2.tolkienonline.com/movies/changes

    are rated out of 5 for reliability. Most of them are rated between 3/5 and 5/5. There is another link called Debunked Rumors separate from the changes links.

    I didn't even go into the changes they have made when the Fellowship is in Bree. Many changes! Blasphemy!
  20. Tar-Ancalime

    Tar-Ancalime Dark Queen of Mordor

    whatever i just want to see the movie!I don't (maybe i do) care but why make such a bother hollywood itself is never accurate

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