What is a dwarf's life span?

Discussion in '"The Silmarillion"' started by Rushlight, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Rushlight

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    How long does a dwarf live? According to the Sil, when Aule created the dwarves ".....and they suffer toil and hunger and hurt of body more hardily than all other speaking peoples; and they live long, far beyond the span of Men, yet not for ever."

    Approximately how long is that? A few hundred years?

    Right now in the Sil I'm on "Of the return of the Noldor". I'm sure eventually I might find the answer...then again, I might miss it. In the meantime, I'm just a bit curious.

  2. Bill the Pony

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    I looked it up in the encyclopedia of Arda recently because I wanted to know my age in dwarf-years. They say the average lifespan is about 250 years.
  3. Mormegil

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    Dwarves usually lived to about 250 years old.
    Unless they were killed earlier, eg. in battle, of course.:)
  4. Rushlight

    Rushlight Registered User

    Thanks for the info!

    So Bill the Pony, just how old are you in dwarf years? I might have to look up my age too. 250 years life span....that's a good long time. :D Better dwarf years than dog years, I guess!

  5. Beleg Strongbow

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    Re: Thanks for the info!

    Thats right and i think i can remember dain geting over 300 years old or near it? "he fell before the gates of Erebor and they still say he could wield his axe as deadly as when he was young"!
  6. Beleg

    Beleg Fading

    Dain lived for 252 Years. I don't think any dwarf (except Durin1 and Dwalin) whose age is given exceeded 260 Years.

    Edit: Thanks Ponte.
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  7. Ponte

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    Dwalin lived for 340 years from 2772 to 3112.
  8. Celebthôl

    Celebthôl Loremaster

    But that was due to the F.A. stuff he was supposed to only be 251, if you continue down on EoA it tells you about it, it was/is under debate i think...

    by the way, i think i may have worked out a forumlar for dwarve years :D

    250 (average dwarve age) / (divided by) 80 (average human (our) age) * (times by) your current age

    e.g. for me

    250 / 80 * 17.5 = 54.6875

    therefore i am about 54 1/2 in dwarve years :D
  9. Maerbenn

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    From HoMe XII: The Peoples of Middle-earth; 'Durin's Folk':
  10. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    Ah well there ya go... Compared to our Human race, an 80 year old man would be like a 250 year old Dwarf. Case closed... I hope. Please don't take that little comparison up there too seriously er anything...:rolleyes: :)

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