Who would win, Smaug or a Balrog

Discussion in 'The Hall of Fire' started by cab345, Feb 16, 2003.


Who would win

  1. Smaug

    22 vote(s)
  2. a Balrog

    25 vote(s)
  1. cab345

    cab345 Registered User

    I'm quite curious what you think
  2. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    Since Dragons are generaly stronger than Balrogs, id say Smaug. But it depends wich Balrog we're talking about. If it was any ol' balrog id say Smaug definately. If it was Gothmog, i'd say it would be a VERY good fight.

    Good thread;)
  3. *Lady Arwen*

    *Lady Arwen* Lady Dimlondowen

    Smaug, go Smaug!:p
  4. redline2200

    redline2200 Registered User

    Smaug, hands down.
  5. Beorn

    Beorn In the shadows Staff Member

    Think....A balrog is a Maia, a godly being. It doesn't die when you kill its body. A dragon dies when its body is slain. Clearly, without a doubt a balrog would win.
  6. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace Staff Member

    There have been so many threads like this one...and in each one I've been in favour of the Balrogs. No difference here.
  7. gate7ole

    gate7ole Registered User

    Oh, again this topic!
    Dragons vs Balrogs.
    I'm with beorn and ithrynluin(yes, it happened) here.
    Balrogs win.
  8. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace Staff Member

    Gate7ole, it's your 1000th post AND you agree with me. This sure is a special occasion.:D

    What does everyone think: could a dragon put a spell on a Balrog, much as Glaurung put a spell on Turin by looking him in the eyes.
  9. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    While I voted for the Balrog, I've begun thinking. If an Elf can kill a Balrog, doesn't that suggest that the battle between a dragon and a Balrog might not be as clear cut as one might initially think? Just an idle musing...
  10. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    its been established that Dragons are more powerful than Balrogs; be they Maia or not. Any old Balrog, versus any old Dragon... a Dragon would win. Smaug is any old dragon cuz... he's nuthin special really... he's just mentioned in The Hobbit quite a bit...;)
  11. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    1. Where is it established that dragons are more powerful than Balrogs? Because, several people here seem to believe otherwise...

    2. Smaug is not "any old dragon". Check out Gandalf's concerns about Smaug in "The Quest for Erebor" in UT.
  12. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    I voted for A balrog. Due to Darwin's theory.

    Smaug was a rare dragon. one left from long ago. one of the last, i believe.

    Balrogs were feirceom (sp?) and hard to defeat.

    over the history of fairy tales you hear of the defeat of dragons. therefore we can conclude that they were easier killed than balrogs cause you never hear of people killing balrogs cause they never tried cause it was too hard.

    ok. so there are a lot of loopholes in that theory, but it is my theory none the less.
  13. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    I'm sorry, but I'm a strict Fairy Tale Creationist. No room for Darwinism here. ;) :D
  14. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace Staff Member

    There were three battles occuring with Balrogs:

    - Glorfindel vs. a Balrog: both perished
    - Echtelion vs. Gothmog: both perished
    - Gandalf vs. a Balrog: both perished

    There were four battles with Dragons:

    - Turin vs. Glaurung: Turin killed the dragon without dying himself
    - Eärendil vs. Ancalagon: Eärendil killed the dragon
    - Fram vs. Scatha: Fram killed the dragon
    - Bard vs. Smaug: Bard killed the dragon

    Can any conclusion be made from this? The Balrogs fought with two Eldar and a Maia, and all of them perished in the fight.
    The Dragons fought with three men and a half-elf and none of the latter died in combat.
    Do I really have to say it out loud? The Balrogs would win over dragons any day!;)
  15. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    ithrynluin- don't get me wrong, I agree that a Balrog could take a dragon. I was just speculating, idly. I hadn't thought about the fates of various dragons, but you're absolutely right.
  16. jossy

    jossy Guest

    Way to go Balrog...

    Definitively Balrogs.....Why I don't have a clue but thay are so cool...:D
  17. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    yeah, ithrynluin i was tryin to say something of that sort.
  18. BlackCaptain

    BlackCaptain Vast Menace of Despair

    Now, even if this is not true, Smaug was the last of the GREAT dragons. Im not sure how great they are, but that title must mean something. And if it was Smaug, a great Dragon against any old Balrog, i'd say Smaug would win.
  19. FoolOfATook

    FoolOfATook I'm Still Alive...

    Come on Morgulking, you should know better than to try to use David Day as proof. His stuff has several mistakes....and even if it didn't, it's still not Tolkien.

  20. Ithrynluin

    Ithrynluin seeker of solace Staff Member

    MorgulKing, does Tolkien ever say something like that in his works?

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