Wings or No Wings?

Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by Ariana Undomiel, Aug 17, 2002.


Wings or No Wings?

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  1. Yes, Tolkien says he has wings. PJ was acurate

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  2. No, Tolkien didn't give the Balrong wings. PJ just made that up.

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  3. I don't know.

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  1. Ariana Undomiel

    Ariana Undomiel Hrívëvendë

    I am not aware if this subject has been broached or not. Do you think that in the movie PJ was accurate in giving the Balrog wings. I have heard so many discussions about this subect. I personally think that Tolkien described the Balrog with great black wings, but some people take Tolkien's descriptions differently. So tell me what you think.

  2. Anamatar IV

    Anamatar IV Anabadger

    I didnt see any wings on the balrog in the movie. If the balrog had wings why didn't it fly when gandalf blew the bridge?
  3. ReadWryt

    ReadWryt Guest

    Jackson did two very wise things in this movie...he showed Sauron only in his armor and didn't risk people complaining that he didn't look right, and he showed the Balrog's wings as being made of smoke so that they were subtle thus reducing argument about their existence...
  4. FarahSlax

    FarahSlax Registered User

    The Balrog certainly did not have wings in the book. The text states "wings of shadow". If you take it literally (and I would, as Tolkien was a professor of English), this by definition means that they were not material wings, but just the cloud of darkness that enveloped it. Too bad he portrayed the Balrog as just another slobbering idiot, tho.
  5. lilhobo

    lilhobo Retired

    heheh i have to agree with that :D

    and also in the DVD, the Wings are really clear, no doubt about it no smoke or nothing

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