Would you see LotR at the movies while wearing Elvish garb?

Discussion in '"The Fellowship of the Ring"' started by I.am.Smeagol, May 12, 2002.


Would dress in Elvish garb for the movies?

  1. I have!

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  2. I would.....

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  3. I might consider it... Erm.

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  4. No. Sorry. No.

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  5. Are you crazy!?!?!?!?!

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  1. I.am.Smeagol

    I.am.Smeagol Registered User

    Heheh. Yesterday me and Goldberry334 saw FotR (my 7th her 8th time) while wearing Elvish garb. You see, the day before, me, her, and Arathin had gone to the salvation army and got some Velvet tights, tunic like shirts, and large dresses to turn into cloaks. Arathin couldn’t go to the movies the next day so I borrowed her cloak (I ended up not using the dress I got, as it was so pretty and elvish the way it was and I didn’t want to cut it up). So it was just me and GoldBerry, although I had to practically twist her arm into going. *Giggle* We also wore circlets. I had a lot of fun swirling the cloak and attempting to walk gracefully about in an elvish manner. I also think I scared two little girls seeing the movie for the first time. I got many sneers and snickers and stares. ‘Twas quite fun.

    Would any of you do the same?
  2. Gamil Zirak

    Gamil Zirak The Ladies' Dwarve

    You ladies are nuts!!!!!! I would be too embarrased.
  3. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    it took a lot of persuasion, but it was a poopload of fun!!! id do it again, without having smeagol beg.... :D
  4. Eithne

    Eithne Registered User

    i'd do it in a city where no one knew me; it'd be fun to freak people out. :D i'd dress up as a hobbit tho... i mean, i'm too short to be an elf lol
  5. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf Of the Sacried wood

    HEHEH I would love to do that but all my friends would bale on me:( That I do not know were I would get the stuff for making the outfit
  6. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    Salvation Army! giggle, i made a great curly-haired-brunette-elf...

    *covets smeagols hair... ;) *
  7. wonko

    wonko Registered User

    i'd do it if someone gave me the clothes and a buttload of money
  8. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    but then it's no fun!!! we even made our own circlets...
  9. wonko

    wonko Registered User

    that's pretty cool, you guys should go around wearing those at school or work or whatever... wear them on a regular basis and see how many people you can convince that you are an elf!
  10. tasar

    tasar the blind elf

    I'd do it, if I could convince someone to do the same. On second thought, that would be too scary.
  11. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    I am an elf, i dont need to convince anyone. Smeagol was gonna dress up as an elf today, but she was too tired. hrumph. i was gonna get to do her hair too! :(
  12. Kit Baggins

    Kit Baggins Thain Kit I

    I did, kinda :) . I wore green trousers and a green tunic, and did my hair Elvish (although I don't think you get that many ginger elves- especially not wearing glasses!).

    I went twice dressed like that, and i didn't get as many funny looks as I'd expected.

    ~Kit :D
  13. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    we wore velvet leggings and tunics, smeagol had a gold belt i had a silver one. i did smeagols hair leggy-style, cause she has pretty hair like that. smeagol put lots of random braids in my hair. then smeagol borrowed the cloak that arathin had just made and we donned our circlets and pranced (well, ok, we drove...) to the movie theater. :D
  14. Wonko The Sane

    Wonko The Sane Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

    I would do it if I had enough people do it with and if it was not my home theater. :p

    But I sure wish I had an Elf costume.
  15. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    *giggle* go to Salvation army...thats what we did!
  16. Theoden

    Theoden Ruler of Rohan

    What would be really cool would be to have a bunch of friends come along and everyone dress up as differant characters from the movie. I would do it... you could have such a blast!

    and yes, I would go to the salvation army or goodwill :)
  17. Wonko The Sane

    Wonko The Sane Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

    Yum. Salvation army.
    Coffee-spilly and moth-holey...*mmmmmm*

    I'd be a Humurous Bombadillian like Goldberry...but I have an aversion to the number five.
    That is, I hate it.
  18. Goldberry344

    Goldberry344 Im back

    talk to the head of the humerous bombadillians, they might make you #6 instead, if you ask nicely and bring them a shrubbery...
  19. WarriorMay

    WarriorMay Tárakaliel of Mirkwood

    I didn't for Lord of the Rings, but when I saw Josie and the Pussycats I wore cat ears and a tail and when I went to see Star Wars, I wore a robe. My friend brought a toy lightsaber, lol. I would have done something a little more crazy, but there was nothing else to do.
  20. Wonko The Sane

    Wonko The Sane Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

    Do you think I could ask them nicely...maybe bring them two shrubberies and a herring...and have them make me number 7? Or even number 13?

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