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Thread: mixed reviews of the 48 fps footage

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    mixed reviews of the 48 fps footage

    Peter Sciretta from Slah Film commented, "Saw ten minutes of 'Hobbit' in 48fps 3D. Very exciting, but I'm now very unsure about higher framerates. 48fps feature films will likely divide moviegoers - I expect to see stronger hate, more so than 3D."
    There is also speculation that a trailer in 48fps may be released in July.

    Since Jackson's LotR adaption was essentially an example of all that glitters is not gold, what redeeming quality could be left for him if The Hobbit does not look good to many people's eyes?
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    Re: mixed reviews of the 48 fps footage

    Hmm, interesting. Some people claim higher frame rates feel more 'realistic,' while I read others claim the lower frame rates to be more fluid and natural to film. Personally I do prefer to use my old top of the line CRT monitor over my LCD screens for gaming and such on the computer because the CRT I have has higher frame rates.

    Are there any other movies out there displayed at 48fps?
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    Re: mixed reviews of the 48 fps footage

    There's been a lot of rage about 48fps on the Internet, but personally I think it's the wave of the future.

    Though I do wish they would stop making LCD TVs with that godawful "motion smoothing" effect. It's just horrible. :P
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    Re: mixed reviews of the 48 fps footage

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