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Recent content by Dengen-Goroth

  1. Dengen-Goroth

    Stature or Form of Sauron in 3rd Age

    PJ used art depicting Melkor, not Sauron, to show him in FoTR. Sauron could no longer attain a fair shape after the fall of Numenor. He was not the most powerful of Maia. He was unable to take a true form by the war of the ring because he placed to much power into the One. He did have a physical...
  2. Dengen-Goroth

    Gandalf's words to Balrog

    All Balrogs had whips, along with their sowrds. The tongues of flame. That's basically all I can say, though I know there is a quote about this in the Silmarillion.
  3. Dengen-Goroth

    Happy Birthday,J.R.R Tolkien!

    For the Professor, whos stories have illuminated the world of many and spawned great mirth, may ye never be forgotten! *Raises wine glass*
  4. Dengen-Goroth

    Two Questions...(What sign does Sarumans orcs use?)

    Yes, the white hand, Sauron was the eye. Did you know that we are mentioned in the latest Yahoo magazine. We're described as something like, i've forgotten exactly how, but as a friendly group of tolkien fans.