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  1. e.Blackstar

    The significance of 'nine'?

    Is there any documentation of which nine kings Sauron chose to corrupt? It makes you wonder if there were exactly nine and he managed to get to all of them; if he intended to corrupt more but didn't get around to all of them and had the others killed, etc? Also, were the rings made before or...
  2. e.Blackstar


    Oh, Eragon...*shakes head* How I despise thee.
  3. e.Blackstar


    I'm not a big Rowling fan, but she does have some okay storytelling going on. And no, not every one of her ideas is original, but to be fair there are only so many effective fantasy tools an author can use. Tolkien himself borrowed from mythology and Biblical folklore.
  4. e.Blackstar

    Some Questions

    I'll answer the third question first: He wanted power. He wanted to look out over Middle-Earth, look out over the slaves, and be able to say "This is mine." And the other one: My opinion is that his power was being sapped from the moment Gandalf become White because the Valar took their...
  5. e.Blackstar

    What edition/year do you have?

    I have three sets. The first is completely mismatched: a 90s RotK, a new movie-edition FotR (I bought it to replace the second edition FotR that my cousin lost:mad: ), and an early 80s TTT. I also had an 80s Hobbit (same edition as my TTT) that was my 'reading' one, but it split in half, the...
  6. e.Blackstar

    Wrong names?

    whoops...good point Aule. I just knew a huge hole in my ditty would develop. :o Although there was something else-someone's name that was used improperly...I don't rememeber who, though. Nevermind.
  7. e.Blackstar

    Wrong names?

    I surpose...but I sincerely doubt that that's what Jackson had in mind...
  8. e.Blackstar

    Wrong names?

    Okay, in RotK I noticed that the leading Orc was named Gothmog-the name of le Balrog dude. Did anybody else find any attepts to pacify fanatics by sneaking either character names or important character cameos in?
  9. e.Blackstar


    I'm thinkin' that, yeah, mostly the women made the clothes. However, in bigger cities like Minas Tirith, I'm sure that they had tailors and stuff like that. probably in the Shire, too. I mean, there had to be someone who specialized in darning bachelors' socks and things of that nature, right?
  10. e.Blackstar

    A variety of origins for orcs....

    yep, couldn'ta said it better myself