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Recent content by Ecthelion

  1. Ecthelion

    What edition/year do you have?

    My dad gave me his really old one that I read the first time I read LOTR. He also got me a newer edition of all three two years ago for X-mas. The new ones I have all have the Eye of Sauron on the REAL cover(they have a cover that comes off on top of the book).
  2. Ecthelion


    Chapter 23: Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin, Pg. 287 Paragraph 2 What is a sister-son? Is it your sisters son? Help me out someone.
  3. Ecthelion

    Do they exist female hobbits??

    How do you know so much of this stuf Ponti?:confused: :eek:
  4. Ecthelion

    Different images of Elves

    I thnik that I pictured elves short with long ears and all sorts of hair colors, not just blonde mostly. And they weren't all really skinny.
  5. Ecthelion

    Who has the best beard?

    Why do you care who has the best beard?