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  1. Ermundo

    Long time no see!

    Long time no see!
  2. Ermundo

    Anyone I know still here??

    Hey how are you guys doing? It's been so long since I've been here. I don't post much but I remember all of you guys.
  3. Ermundo

    A newbie question

    ...:eek:... WHAT!:mad: Anyway, I would agree with both Ara and Noldor for what they said. Tolkien would have never gotten where he was if the story had been THAT straightfoward. The Book than would have been a waste of money $$. Further more, how COULD have the eagles gotten into Mordor unless...
  4. Ermundo

    Movie magic

    Yea moderators I kinda posted this thread in the wrong part of the forum. I really didn't mean that, Sorry. Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa Sorry about that to.
  5. Ermundo

    Movie magic

    Problably not a good title for a thread but hey':D Anyway, I was looking at this thread that was talking about a LOTR PC Game being made and that got me thinking. You know, a lot of people in America and around the world thought that LOTR was a great movie but WHAT factor made Lord of the...
  6. Ermundo

    I need some info on Eowyn!!!

    Errr why don't you go to www.glyphweb.com/arda. It's an encyclopedia about EA and everything about it. No need for thanks *Evil smile*
  7. Ermundo

    Alternative LOTR endings

    Part two: The Balrog comes ... Out of the depths of Oroduin From the of fire The Crack of Doom An evil awakes His power means fear his sword is power none can escape... the eternal fire of hell The Balrog rises With power of Melko the Balrog weilder of the flame destroys the...
  8. Ermundo

    Alternative LOTR endings

    The coolest ending for the Lord of the Rings ever Frodo is filled with wrath. Gollum has tooken Frodo's finger and his ring and is jumping for joy. BUT The Nazgul comes Fear creeps forth from the cracks of Oroduin. The abyss of doom stares at Frodo heedless of anything Nothing may stop...