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  1. FoolOfATook

    Faerie / Valinor

    In The Annotated Hobbit (An invaluable work that I can't recommend highly enough), Douglas A. Anderson's note for the passage you quoted reads: So, if you want to get technical, he's not actually using the term to mean all of Valinor. The use of the term in The Hobbit can be viewed in the...
  2. FoolOfATook

    Best book about LOTR?

    In my mind, there's no question that Tom Shippey's two books about Tolkien and ME, The Road To Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century, set the standard for Tolkien scholarship. The best book about Tolkien himself is the difinitive (and official) biography by Humphrey...
  3. FoolOfATook

    Smeagol = Caliban?

    For one thing, Gollum is considerably more intelligent than Caliban. Also, Gollum's wretchedness was a result of outside factors (namely, The Ring), while Caliban was born the way he was. On the surface they seem similar, but the more one looks at it, the more the comparison breaks down, in my...
  4. FoolOfATook

    The "Magic" of the Valar?

    When discussing Tolkien's use of what we would call "magic", I think one must begin with Letter 155. The footnotes are as follows- 1- 2- All bold texts are my emphasis added. I'm fairly sure that the Greek letters have somehow become wrong, but since I don't know Greek, and...
  5. FoolOfATook

    Nassty Prologue!

    I haven't read it, but I think you're talking about Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis, written by George Sayer. C.S. Lewis' autobiography, Surprised By Joy is a very interesting book. I read it primarily for the section where Lewis talks about Tolkien (which is only for a few pages). If you're...
  6. FoolOfATook

    Nassty Prologue!

    Well said- I couldn't agree more. Also, if you can find Carpenter's book The Inklings, read it. It doesn't have much new information about Tolkien, but it's still fascinating, and fills in a lot about a very important aspect of Tolkien's life and his works. Unfortunately, the book seems to be...
  7. FoolOfATook

    Nassty Prologue!

    -C.S. Lewis, "Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
  8. FoolOfATook

    Nassty Prologue!

    I love the prologue. I think you're approaching it the wrong way though. Tolkien intended LOTR to be approached as a history, not as a conventional novel, and the prologue was part of this. Besides, the first time I read it I had no idea what an Elessar was... ;)
  9. FoolOfATook

    Speaking of names - Hobbits and unique 'last' names?

    Bill Ferney would seem to suggest that they did. ;)
  10. FoolOfATook

    plz read very cool

    You aren't the first person to figure this out, but you are correct- Melkor/Morgoth is very much an echo of Lucifer/Satan.
  11. FoolOfATook

    Beginning of Ents........

    It's wrong because Treebeard said that Morgoth created Orcs and Trolls. One of the key ideas of Tolkien's work is that evil cannot create.
  12. FoolOfATook

    Beginning of Ents........

    In the Letters, Tolkien states very clearly that Treebeard is wrong when he tells Pippin and Merry that Morgoth created the Orcs in mockery of the Elves, and Trolls in mockery of Ents. With this in mind, I don't think that it's too far of a stretch to assume that Treebeard doesn't have the...
  13. FoolOfATook

    Reading TLOTR for the first time

    I would say that seeing TTT too many times will have very little effect on knowing what happens in the book. ;)
  14. FoolOfATook

    Reading TLOTR for the first time

    Your library has the Sil on CD? I am so bloody jealous of you- the public libraries in Wake County (where I live) have NOTHING in terms of audiobooks. I spend my time at the library which checks out more books per day than any other public library in the state, and my university's library is...
  15. FoolOfATook

    Reading TLOTR for the first time

    I know that reality all too well. ;) :(