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Recent content by Hirila

  1. Hirila

    Arwen being mortal?

    I think that Arwen lieved more like her distant relatives, that is the first kings of Numenor, who, being direct descendants of Elros, Elronds brother, lead a long life, in health and good lookings, until they felt the time for their death being at hand, when they laid down and died, without...
  2. Hirila

    Who's been punished by the Fall of Numenore?

    Once again I find myself in a position where I have to agree with all sides: Of course the Valar only meant to help both Eldar and Edain. Of course the Eldar somehow mistook their position in Valinor for a sign of being "higher in status" than the Afterborn. Of course the Edain didn't like...
  3. Hirila

    Who's been punished by the Fall of Numenore?

    So the Valar were punished. The world was created, including men and elves and everything should have gone on and on and on. But what happened? Teh Valar came and took the elves with them, letting them taste the forbidden fruit. Much evil came from it: beginning with the wrath of Feanor...
  4. Hirila

    Do you really believe?

    Re: to really believe Welcome, Namarie, you introduce yourself well on this forum! This reminds me of something I have heard: "If our brains worked so simply that we could understand how it works, we'd be too silly to understand it." I think it is often like this with thinks you cannot...
  5. Hirila

    Do you really believe?

    Sure, you're right. But you have to admit, it is a wonderful thought. And there is at least one guy I have read in my newspaper about some months ago. He claimed to have found evidence of pre-historic villages somewhere near the rhine. I thinkit was a French guy. And he says it were pieces of...
  6. Hirila

    Do you really believe?

    Here is my point of view, unfortuinately it is also a very scientific one. Fact is, I cannot proove, that ME didn't/doesn't/will never exist. So there is room enough to believe in it. Just as there is enough room to believe in magic. As to magic existing I always say we should wait for the...
  7. Hirila

    URGENT: auryn/ithil

    I know that "auryn" is the name of that medallion in the film / story by the German author Michael Ende: "Die Unendliche Geschichte" / "The Neverending Story".
  8. Hirila

    Gandalf as a kid?

    Even if Gandalf never was a kid - just imagine: Little Gandalf playing with his friend Radagast and setting the feathers of Radagast's canary on fire. His mom rushes in on him and bars him in the shed which of course the angry kid also sets ablaze. Then his father comes home from work and on...