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  1. HobbitGirl

    Silmarillion Trivia Game

    Maedhros's Quenya father-name is Nelyafinwë, and his mother names are Maitimo and Russandol. Sorry, I'm a huge Fëanorian fangirl; I should've asked something less specific. XD; Another question, then? What was the name of Caranthir's realm in the east of Beleriand?
  2. HobbitGirl

    Silmarillion Trivia Game

    I did not look it up; I know his names. And his brothers'. XD Maedhros is his Sindarin name. He has two mother-names and one father-name; any of them will do. :3
  3. HobbitGirl

    Dwarves, Ents, Eagles and Orcs

    I'm no expert on Subcreation; in fact Matthew Bailey's description of it is more thorough than anything I've ever seen, and I may reference or even quote it in the future--if that's alright. However, I was almost certain that Ungoliant is not a Maia, nor any creation of Illuvatar at all. She...
  4. HobbitGirl

    Silmarillion Trivia Game

    Groovy. Name at least one of Maedhros's Quenya names. Bonus points if you don't look it up on Tolkien Gateway. ;)
  5. HobbitGirl

    Who is the Main Character of The Silmarillion?

    I had never thought of it this way, but I absolutely agree. The Silmarillion was never written as or meant to be a singular book, but if you take the Years of the Trees and the First Age of the Sun as a single cohesive narrative, then thematically, Maedhros is indeed the strongest unifying...
  6. HobbitGirl

    Fingolfin Vs. Feanor

    I think it all boils down to anger. Both of the older Finwëans obviously had rage problems (Fëanor speaks for himself, and Fingolfin...really? The strongest of the Valar? In single combat? Dude, chill), but ultimately, Fëanor's rage is what killed him. He could have lived to cause way more...
  7. HobbitGirl

    Silmarillion Trivia Game

    Is this thread still going? Whose turn is it to ask a question? XD
  8. HobbitGirl

    Where have all the palantir gone?

    I've read that there were seven palantiri in Middle Earth, they were originally in Minas Anor, Minas Ithil, Amon Sul, Orthnac, Osgiliath, and the Tower Hills. I also heard of another palantir in some place called Annuminas, but where was that? And where did the palantir go after they were lost...
  9. HobbitGirl

    just a quik Legolas question

    Mithril, why not consider making up a name for your paintball gun? I named a favorite stick of mine Waverush. (I use it for bushwacking, in case anyone's curious.)