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Recent content by Ice Man

  1. Ice Man

    Favorite part of the Hobbit

    It's hard for me to say, because the entire book seems to 'flow' so naturally. Of course it's divided in chapters, but to me it's all tied together in a way I can't say that this or that part is better. I can't say the same about the Lord of the Rings.
  2. Ice Man

    Sequel to LotR

    It would have been terribly difficult to actually write a good sequel for LOTR, given that most of the elves had already abandoned Middle Earth, and so the story would be limited to humans, dwarves and hobbits. If anything, I'd love too see a story, not exactly a sequel, but one story that...
  3. Ice Man

    What does J.R.R stand for?

    Jack Radical Razor Tolkien!!!
  4. Ice Man

    Do you really believe?

    It all exists and takes shape in our minds, just as our feelings exist. One day, once we have left this place and this life, we will take notice of how great, wonderfull and perfect "creation" is. And we will see are dreams come true and materialize in front of our eyes. It's very complex...
  5. Ice Man

    Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!

    OK, I've just finished reading AINULINDALË twice, and all I can say is that melkor is a very naughty bloke!
  6. Ice Man

    Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!

    Thanks folks, I'll read the Silmarillion first.
  7. Ice Man

    Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!

    Til this moment, I have only read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. But my Mom has gently gifted me with Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales! Which one shall I read first? Thanks.
  8. Ice Man

    Who here writes his/her own stories?

    IMO, you should write as long as your stories interest you, as long as you feel that you have to finish things. The funny thing is that you sound just as my sister. :D LOL, is it too much if I ask you to show us any of your stories?
  9. Ice Man

    Gandalf as a kid?

    Yes, perhaps he was too worried with Sauron to actually think of jokes and humor all the time...
  10. Ice Man

    Gandalf as a kid?

    Maybe that's why he doesn't have a very sharp sense of humor...