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  1. Ingolmin

    Lucid Dreaming in the Lord of the Rings

    Frodo had a kind of that dream in LOTR, when he saw Gandalf very depressed.(Council of Elrond)
  2. Ingolmin

    Silmarillion swords

    Well the armoury of Gondor is ever open for all men, as the kings are now benevolent since Elessar. But if you really want swords like the High elves fought with, better go to Eressea, maybe you will be allowed. I was allowed! Yesterday, I went to picnic with Turin and Gandalf. I will ask them...
  3. Ingolmin

    Self Fulfilling God Prophecy?

    Firstly, the Valar were ever ready to help the elves, it was only those on whom the ban was laid who did not return till War of Wrath and so the Valar did not help them. Ulmo especially had some love for elves and men and he helped them, he would have known some future and so he counselled to...
  4. Ingolmin

    Why did Saruman think he would get away with it?

    Pride, arrogance and dominance over others are some of the feelings which would have forced Saruman to take It. He started believing that a being with his power can also amend the world by ruling over men and elves, he felt too confident of his power an thus he fell, while Gandalf took the hard...
  5. Ingolmin

    Why aren't there more resurrected Elves?

    Only one resurrected elf was in Middle Earth, that doesn't mean there weren't any more, but if they were they lived in bliss in Valinor. The fact is if you can't see something doesn't mean it really isn't there!!
  6. Ingolmin

    Just how weak was Morgoth at the event between him and ungoliant?

    I go with Azrubel that the lesser beings can't defeat the higher ones. Ungoliant wasn't a Valar, that's sure. She was one of the nameless beings, and so its unknown if she was a Maia or a lesser being. But yet she devoured the two trees, and Melkor feared her. Melkor was obviously very much...
  7. Ingolmin

    Could Ungoliant Kill Melkor?

    Only his physical body would have been harmed. Ungoliant had the power of harming Melkor unless why would he have been so afraid of her. But killing Melkor was not possible for her, since Melkor was the most powerful of all the Valar and he could only be killed by doom ordained by Eru alone...
  8. Ingolmin

    What would happen if Éomer had killed Gimli or Legolas during their first approach?

    Useless talk!! Who knows what would have happened?o_O If you start considering what could have happened if this happened, there are endless possibilities and you, your sons and their sons and so on will become loremasters. House of Edhel!!:D:(:)
  9. Ingolmin

    Why are beings in the first age stronger than the second-third age

    Well, nobody knows what would have happened (this is what Aslan says in Narnia). Maybe, I do not know about how Gothmog would have ruled if he hadn't died!! Most of the orcs and uruks had become leaderless and many hordes had been wiped out during the Battle of Pelennor Fields, during the...
  10. Ingolmin

    Why are beings in the first age stronger than the second-third age

    Yes, I truly agree with.you Starbrow that though Elros was descended from the three houses of edain still he and his descendants alone had elvish blood. But know that the edain who weren't directly descendants of Elros still had acquired some of the power and light from these Numenoreans...
  11. Ingolmin

    Why are beings in the first age stronger than the second-third age

    Power was stronger in the ancient times! According to me, it's true, as during the ancient times all the beauty was spread by the Valar, the beauty of middle earth and its strength was at its peak. When the elves returned to middle earth, those ones who had seen the Light of Valinor were wiser...
  12. Ingolmin

    Were there any Black Gondorians?

    Firstly, Parsilaf, according to me sons of Castamir and his sons were all killed by King Eldacar and his sons. The remaining Corsairs weren't Gondorians. though they had impure Numenorean blood from their ancestors who were pure but listened to the words of Sauron and fell under his dominion...
  13. Ingolmin

    Of Dagor Dagorath and the Second Music

    Firstly, according to me it is pointless to talk about this!! No one knows what's going to happen in the Dagor Dagorath. We only know one thing that is the Prophecy of Mandos. Maybe Manwe and Mandos can foresee but no elf or living man knows how the world will end. Also the Second theme of Music...
  14. Ingolmin

    Elven marriage

    Obviously, but the real question is why would ever a First Age elf think of marrying a third age one?(Has it ever happened? Do you think it can happen? I don't think so!!) Also they were very less Third Age elves in Middle Earth. Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, maybe Gildor or Legolas etc. are some...
  15. Ingolmin

    Bilbo vs Frodo (Who is the best ring bearer?)

    The most important thing is that though Bilbo had used and kept the ring for a very long time, much longer than Frodo did. Still, Bilbo didn't face such dangers such as Frodo faced. Remember, Bilbo felt the effect of the ring on him(in the First Chapter, he had mentioned it to Gandalf that it...