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Recent content by Inziladun

  1. Inziladun

    Tolkien and 'the Fall'

    Each race had a fall, though humans seem to be the focus; they fall easily because they are so free, especially in thought. That is the greatness of the race of Men. They change little in their short lives, yet that change over time unfolds into something deeper and more beautiful than a race of...
  2. Inziladun

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    I apologize, I didn't intend to ruin the topic of discussion. I have to agree with Miguel that Varda was loved by both the dark elves and those that saw the light, the Star Kindler, her signs gave hope to the hopeless. I believe the Valar cared deeply for the race of Men especially, but did it...
  3. Inziladun

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    I just find it frustrating how society 'learns from past evils' yet continually condemns them. In fantasy and reality. One can only truly understand if they can forgive; forgive and remember, things were different a year ago and 1,000 years ago, change is necessary and so is acceptance of change.
  4. Inziladun

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    So you are saying Eru made Melkor evil to bring good out of it? I think Eru knows what could be, and takes risks, and Melkor's evil just happened to be what should be.
  5. Inziladun

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    Well, Melkor made the climate suitable for all beings. Each Vala had a part in that, Melkor needed to be there for the races of Arda to exist. He could have easily destroyed Men, Elves, and Dwarves as they arose from their slumber, and why not? There was part of him still true to the Great...
  6. Inziladun

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    I think it is different for each Elf, even those dwelling in Valinor, perhaps it would have been better for the Valar to let them be and evolve naturally. I believe that's where the rift between men and elves was truly formed, one race was raised by the Gods, while the other crawled through the...
  7. Inziladun

    Blind Guardian's 'The Tides of War'

    Blind Guardian has a whole album about Middle-earth, called Nightfall in Middle-earth. Other bands such as Summoning are influenced by Tolkien's work. The lyrics to this can be found in the Histories of Middle-earth. Emyn Muil has an album titled Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga All very...
  8. Inziladun

    Aulë and the Creation of the Dwarves

    Aulë did not perceive the free will of the Children as a thing apart from themselves, it was of the World without, and only granted by Eru. The spirit of Aulë was not diminished in this work, and it was his masterpiece. His father made him with the will to create, and so he did; Melkor was not...
  9. Inziladun

    Aulë and the Creation of the Dwarves

    Yea, Aulë's spirit was not diminished because he did not intend for his creations to contend with the Children of Ilúvatar, so it is fair that they were granted the Secret Fire. Melkor gave much of his own power to beings that already possessed a spirit - the Balrogs are corrupted Maiar, and the...
  10. Inziladun

    Was Melkor ever good?

    The greatest question is how much was revealed to the Ainur in the Vision? Melkor could do no evil deed, or good without it having its source Ilúvatar. Eru designed these things with a vision of what they should become. One could say Melkor was good because he was evil, but 'evil' is just a...
  11. Inziladun

    Hidden Map Message

    So you are saying that our recorded history is inaccurate. And that Tolkien created a world, based on our own, with imagined events and histories that have been covered up so our reality is as it is now?